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  1.  Stop comparing this to bloody CoD!


    If your like me and are a FPS nut that can handle games like this then buy it! People whining on about it are used to arcade shooters like CoD, this ain't that game this is a solid MP online shooter and people just can't get to grips with it's hardcore style.

    Anybody who constantly references Call of Duty shouldn't be taken seriously, buy this only if your a serious MP gamer! (plus free DLC in Nov 2nd)

  2.  Outstanding game!


    In a nutshell this is my GOTY, an absolute gem of a title which only really opens up once you play it online on Expert.

    Forget stupid reviews like IGN that say they completed it in 2hrs, it will take you that just to complete one Campaign on Expert!

    A must buy for any online FPS addict and more content to come!

  3.  Excellant!


    2 words 'buy this'!, if your love of films is more on character building with a lovely city as the back drop and a drop of violence then this is the film for you!

    A quirky little gem of a film, quality!

  4.  Old skool thats slightly wearing


    For me back in '93 this release was pretty big as it was another release from the Soul Assassin crew. Waiting for that 12" of Bow Wow Wow to drop was a nightmare as the sound was the total bomb back in the day! The 2 main tracks Bow Wow and The Funkiest were produced by Muggs (Cypress) and Lethal (House Of Pain) and the rest by T-Ray and Ralp M The Mexican.

    Buy if you haven't got this for ol skool nostalga!

  5.  Bloody fantastic!


    I never write a review on something i haven't finished but i had to on this! 106 pages in and this is like no other zombie tale you have seen/read. Taken from peoples perspectives from the Great Panic, this is a beautiful well written diary of the terrifying effects on peoples lives as they re-count the devastating effects the zombies made to the planet.

    A must have for people into any genre of book.

  6.  Excellant read!


    What a strange read! excellant, psychological study of how man copes under various extremes forced on oneself!

    I enjoyed it, even some parts were slightly disurbing (won't give anything away heh!).

    4/5 definitely work a look.

  7.  CGI heaven!


    This starts off good then totally drops off once you witness the infected which look like they have fallen out of a Harry Potter movie.

    Read the book and then wonder why this was ever made!

  8.  Fantastic MP action!


    Seeing alot of people slagging this game off, be it graphics to it freezing for Vista/XP users. Tbh ive been playing this game since i got it from Play and haven't once had to reboot the PC. Im running XP, everything on high and it runs really smooth and looks great (even if the colours are a bit drab lol!).

    If your after a BF2 beater then it aint one but in this day and age these games don't come along often, so be a sport help the delevopers of this game and BUY IT!

    Overall excellant graphics for the size of the game field, sound spot on and feels like you are in a war 4/5

  9.  Legend!


    For an album that is 20yrs of age, which can still deliver, makes this one of the best Hip-Hop albums ever made.....

  10.  Classic IDM


    Anyone into IDM/Electronic should own this album! don't forget to pick up his remixes from this joint also.

    From a guy in his early 20's this is genius!