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  1.  Not for me :(


    I think i must me missing something here, as many people seem to like this, i thought it was below average.......

    There are a few moments in the film where there is some action, shark + people in water = LUNCH, but in the main i found it not too great, sorry.

    2 stars from me, 1 for the scenery and 1 for nice ladies in swimsuits, done!!

  2.  A good suspense thriller......


    Liked the sound of this storyline prior to buying it, and was quite impressed after watching it.

    A good story, which kept me interested for the majority of the film, which gets you thinking a bit, as to who, what, why etc......

    If you like a decent suspense/thriller then at the reduced price this is worth a buy.

  3.  Good but not Great!


    I decided to go for this from reviews alone, so expected it to be a smash hit for me, although a good film it's not quite a smash for me.

    Good acting from the younger cast, and a decent story, but didnt quite keep me gripped all the way through. Dont get me wrong when there was action you knew about it, but it drifted in and out for me a bit.

    Not bad 3/5

  4.  Ok, but a bit strange for me.......


    I found this an OK film, and read the write up and really looked forward to it.......but i did find it a bit of a strange/wierd film. Maybe its because i dont really understand the whole pagan thing, i dont know, i just cant put my finger on it.

    A movie to see when the price comes down, but wouldn't pay full whack for it - ok but not a great for me i'm afraid, 3/5.

  5.  Excellent.......taking your revenge to the limit - OUCH!


    Great film, very brutal at times and full on, with gore to boot.

    Talk about true revenge, this is most definately it, after watching what the lady endures, then seeing the revenge plot, i just thought good on ya - love it.

    Great film 5/5 from me!

  6.  SUPERB!!


    One of my favourite LFC dvd's. This one takes a look at the 3 great managers we have had, from Shanks who really got it all rolling for us, Paisley who took over the reign after Shanks and them eventually Daglish.

    A good hour on each manager taking you through their trials and tribulations and great sucess. Fantastic viewing that should be in every Liverpool fans collection.

  7.  An informative look at Stevie G.......


    A good insight into the current liverpool captain, looking back at his 1st appearance as an 18yr old through to more modern times.

    Interviews and goals galore, with a few bonus parts on the dvd aswell.

    An enjoyable watch worth having in the L.F.C collection

  8.  Plesantly surprised at this one....


    If i am honest i was not expecting this one to be too good at all, i gave it a shot, and was plesantly surprised as to how much i enjoyed this one.

    Its a tough, no holds barred type of film, quite graphic and true to life at times with some of the charachters in it. Also plenty of blood/gore moments, not for the faint hearted type of thing at times.

    I thought theplot of the film was good and the action to go with it was also very good, and kept me into the film throughout, and liked the characther toby keppell (dead mans shoes) plays, a good leading role for me.

    2.99 is a steal for me, well worth a purchase :)

  9.  Great action movie


    Was sceptical about this at 1st, but i was far from disapointed, brilliant action film from start to end

    Got 1&2 as a boxset on the cheap, so hope the 2nd is as good as the 1st one

    If you want an action film this is one to buy :)

  10.  Very Good :)


    Took a chance on this one, knowing nothing at all about it, just liked the look and sound of it from the box.....and was very impressed.

    Kept me interested in it all the way, great story line, and the twist at the end was brill, did not see it coming at all, very well made

    5/5 from me :)