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  1.  A sleek, stylish USB stick; puts the 'flash' in flash drive!


    I've been meaning to buy a USB stick for a while now, and so I decided to check out what was on offer on my trusted Play.com website. I was surprised to find so many USB's on offer at VERY reasonable prices.

    SanDisk is one of the best brands around, so it was a no-brainer which stick I would go for (my head was swayed to the Play.com USB stick more than once!). I chose the SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16 GB flash drive. And now that I have had it for a few days, and have used it a couple of times to upload data, I must admit I am happy I made the right choice!

    I knew it was small, but not what I imagined! It is literally as light as a feather. And the red and black design looks very sleek. There might be a few questions regarding its plastic design, but personally I do not see this as a problem. It is 'hard' plastic, looks and feels very tough and it fits into my USB port on my laptop very nicely (or snuggly!). The speed is excellent as well. I suppose the only downside may be the size. I think it would have helped if the manufacturers included a small casing seeing as the stick itself does not have any dust cap, dust can accumilate easily. But then again, I am quite prone to losing the caps, so maybe the cap-less design is perfect for that purpose.

    But the main reason why I love this Cruzer Blade, is for the fact it comes with a password protected 'Vault' to store all your 'sensitive' files away from prying eyes! *sniggers!*

    The vault itself looks like a safe on your desktop, and you can just drop files in. The 'safe' door opens when a file is being transferred, which I think looks rather cool! And of course, you can only access this vault via a password.

    All in all, the SanDisk Cruzer Blade is a very stylish, fast, and reliable piece of hardware. You can never go wrong with SanDisk. And I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a small, efficient memory stick for everyday use.

    Just make sure you dont lose it!

  2.  A hugely enjoyable slice of no-brainer sci-fi!


    I have to admit to having a soft spot for 'cheesy' or 'below-par' sci-fi! And so, The Chronicles of Riddick, alongside such futuristic fares such as Judge Dredd, Equilibrium, Demolition Man and Doom, is one of handful of sci fi films which I love watching - almost as a secret guilty pleasure!

    I am a self confessed sci-fi fanatic. And my favourite sci-fi films include such classics as Blade Runner, 2001, Star Wars (original trilogy), Alien and Aliens to name a few. These films are considered 'serious' or 'vital' film, and rightly so. But every once in a while I like to lose myself in a silly story line, cring worthy dialogue and shoddy effects, and The Chronicles of Riddick is a perfect example of a below-par sci-fi masterpiece! There are many problems with David Twohy's film , mainly the acting namely Karl Urban and Thandie Newton who are guilty of crimes against acting!

    Riddick '' I bow to no man''
    Vakko (Karl Urban); ''he's not a man, he's the holy Half-dead who has seen the UnderVerse''(!!!)

    Dame Vakko (Newton) ; ''its a rare offer, a visit inside Necropolis''
    Riddick ''its been a long time since I smelled beautiful''

    Its difficult not to chuckle at dialogue of this calibre! But that is part of the fun of watching TCOR!

    One of the main draws is to do with the main character of Richard B. Riddick, played by Vin Diesel with devilish aplomb. He stole the show in the first film (Pitch Black). Another key draw is Riddick's world.

    David Twohy made a big decision to move away from the first films setting, i.e horror, and create the sequel in a whole different premise. From a creature flick in the first to an action film in this, in turn creating a whole new mythos to the Riddick character. In the first film we think he is from earth, but in the sequel, we learn he is a Furyan. A warrior race from another world other than earth. The worlds depicted in the film are another exciting draw, from New Mecca to Crematoria; the planet equivalent of hell. The latter is an exciting place indeed! The sunlight so potent it can burn you to cinders in a second! This is where Riddick is held in a maximum security prison below ground. His escape from this hellish abode is one of the stand out scenes from the film. As I stated esrlier, it is the creation of these fantastical worlds which are a huge plus for this movie. And Crematoria can stand proudly alongside side iconic sci-fi worlds such as Tatooine, Vulcan and Pandora.

    All in all, The Chronicles of Riddick is a very enjoyable, action, sci-fi romp!

    Note: I am reviewing the 2 disc extended edition. Some of the new scenes are worth taking a look, it does help to expand the story a little. The extra's are very satisfactory too, although some have been recycled over from the 1 disc theatrical version.

  3.  Avatar is a sci-fi lover's wet dream!


    I am a huge lover of sci-fi cinema, ever since Lucas opened my eyes (and ears!) and took me on a journey from the desert world of Tatooine to the majesty of Cloud City, from Hoth to the murky swamps of Dagobah! Introducing a young boy of 7 to the wonders of the wider universe. And since then, I have become an avid lover of sci-fi/ fantasy!

    And in my adulthood, another virtuoso filmmaker by the name of James Cameron came along and took me on ANOTHER journey to the beautiful world of Pandora and her inhabitants! Avatar is a visually stunning piece of speculative fiction from Cameron. it is a visually stunning, awe-inspring piece of film making! His creation had my mouth watering! I was a boy again - watching in amazement, bewildered by what I was witnessing! Pandora was a world like no other I had ever seen. I was like Jake Sully - when the illuminated forest of Pandora reveals itself at night for the first time -simply awestruck and dumbfounded! And that is the primary strength of this film. It is no doubt that Avatar is a visual and sensory experience. And in that regards it is a mammoth achievment.

    But there are weaknesses aswell. Chief among them being the dialogue. It isnt as nearly as bad as some of the stuff in his previous film (the 'boat' picture!) but it is still there. And every once in a while, you'll no doubt snigger at some of the dialogue! Also, the visual effects or CGI has not been mastered...just yet. There are scenes were Avatar looks very photo-real, and many scenes where it doesnt. In fact, it may feel a little jarring at times. One gets the feeling ILM would have done a better job than WETA. But thats just nit-picking. No, the main crime was having Leona Lewis do the theme song towards the end! I mean, what was JC thinking?!! To put it kindly, it was simply....abysmal!

    But small cons aside, Avatar is a beautiful film. From its lush alien jungles, plant life and inhabitants, to the stunning Banshee's and the aweinspiring floating 'hallelujah' mountains! The scenery is almost dream-like. In the film Jake mentions that his life has turned upside down, that 'in here' (i.e his human self and surrrounding) was a dream, and 'out there' was the real world, i.e, when he was inside his Na'vi avatar. I myself see the avatar machine as a sort of coffin. Jake climbs inside it to 'die' albeit temporarily, and come out alive inside his avatar. That is when he feels most alive. When he is free from restraints. And of course, he can walk again. (He mentions at the start of the film of having dreams of flying).
    One of my favourite shots in the film is at the begining when we glimpse the alien world of Pandora in the reflection of the space ship. The image and music expertly typifies the wonder, the fear, the excitement of entering a new world for the first time. The sight of Pandora (which is essentially a moon planet) against its giant parent planet (akin to our own Jupiter) is simply a magnificent sight to behold! It is science fiction at its best. And Cameron, like Ridley Scott before him, has the unique power to conjure up fantastic worlds. Anyone can make a sci fi film. But only a hanndful can make a film that sears itself into your consiousness and stays there. And James Cameron is one of them.

    The DVD packaging is very satisfactory. A booklet, with a foreword and guide to the discs would have been a bonus. The film is chopped into two parts on disc 1 and 2. I cannot watch a film from start to finish without interruption anyway! So changing the disc midway is not a problem! Picture quality and audio is astounding! The extra's are excellent too, esp the 90 mins making of doc is excellent. All in all, a very good package at a bargain price!

  4.  Visceral, stunning, vital film making at its best!


    Michael Mann is an enigma. First he graced us with the mesmerising 90's crime epic Heat, a brilliant cat and mouse thriller between two of cinema's most iconic character actor's. Then came Ali, which was underrated, but nonetheless a well directed and acted film about the legend that is Muhammad Ali. Collateral was an excellently executed (no pun intended!) thriller, with a silver haired Tom Cruise acting against type as a hitman. Now Miami vice? that was a movie where you could literally see the clockworks come off a once great director; it was a poor film to say the least. The acting (esp. From Gong Li) was abysmal. The directing very shoddy. The script, well lets not go there. And except for Colin Farell's rather cool 'tache, everything else was rather uncool to be honest. It is his weakest film.

    And so what do i make of his most recent crime fare, Public Enemies? One thing i can say is that its a big improvement on Miami Vice. We arent exactly back in to Heat territory, but its awful close. Mann is a fan of using the HD format, and the handheld style and it shows; Public Enemies is visually stunning, its picture quality pin sharp, and in places, esp. in the action scenes, you can smell the smoke from the tommy guns! It is a marvellous feat. Mann has come far from his Manhunter, and even Heat directing days. He has taken on board and embraced what modern technology can offer. 30's Chichago/America has never looked so real, so immersive than in this film. It is as if you are transported into that period and witnessing first hand, the look, the feel and the smells of that marvellous era of American history.

    Story wise, there have been a few tailored changes from actual historical accuracy, but it is an affecting and engaging film nevertheless. Depp and Bale are two of the most talented actors working in film today, but both are very reserved in this film. But that is how Mann wanted to portray these men; both dedicated and unwavering and methodical in their chosen professions. The standout performance must go to Marion Cotillard as Depp's girlfriend. They're romance is doomed from the start, and you can see in her eyes that she knows this, although Depp's Dillinger tells her otherwise. He is a dreamer, hoping one day to whisk her away to a place 'off the map' and she, the realist in the relationship, knows otherwise.There is a very affecting scene towards the end where she is violently interogated by a 'fat flatfoot' officer, and the way she handles the scene and forwards the emotions on screen where you feel for her, is a mark of what a great actress she is.


    Those who know the factual story of Dillinger will know the outcome of what happens to him suffice to say that on film it is a truly affecting scene. Before the execution; Depp's character is in a cinema, watching a film (Manhattan Melodrama) where there are scenes which correlate with his own life. These moments will be his last, almost his last earthly joys, his last supper. The scenes leading up to the stakeout itself, he is sold out to the F.B.I by someone whom he trusts.The culmination and what follows is a sad scene, made all the more poignant by the manner of Dillinger's demise. And the line he utters to Stephen Lang's agent before passing away, and the follwing scene where he (Lang) repeats it to Cottilard's character is truly heartbreaking.

    Public Enemies is an excellent crime thriller from the king of crime movies, Michael Mann. Visceral, stunning, entertaining, vital film making at its best. A great addition to the crime movie hall of fame.

  5.  The last temptation of christ is an underrated masterpiece!


    To me, Martin Scorsese is a god amongst film directors. Countless generations have been thrilled by the cinema of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, and mesmerised by the operatic story telling of Francis Ford Coppola. But amongst the 'golden generation' that emerged in the 70's, consisting of all above mentioned auteurs, and also including Brian De Palma, Scorsese and Spielberg stand out as the most consistent, which is no surprise as both are my most favourite directors working in film today.

    When The Last Temptaion of Christ came out, Scorsese was crucified by all denomination of the Christian faith. They saw it as an attack on Christ. But that is where they fail to see the bigger picture. Scorsese himself is a Catholic, and would in no way go out intentionally to court controversy. Indeed, before any action is registered on screen, it is clearly stated that the film is a work of fiction. The author of the original novel stated this; it is nothing more than a story and NOT a commentary on the life of Christ.

    But the damage was done. Which is a shame as this film is one of my favourite Scorsese films, in fact one of my favourite films period. The story revolves around a fictional Christ played by the excellent Willem Defoe, and his battle to resist the tempation of the devil. There are excellent supporting acts from Harvey Keitel as a sympathetic and misunderstood Judas, and (a favourite character actor of mine) Harry Dean Stanton as the zealous Paul/Saul. All the aforementioned are simply superb in their roles, as well as as Mary Magdeline.

    The story is about man's everlasting battle with the sins of the flesh and the movie is an excellent allegory of that. Our fictional Christ has to resist the temptation of the devil, his LAST temptation, hence the title. Defoe's character is always doubting himself and questioning his own existence and his duty in life. He is scared and at the same time tempted by the lure of worldly comfort, such as married life, family etc.

    My favourite part of the film is the last 20 minutes or so, when we see him give into tempation as he hangs on the cross. A seemingly angelic girl appears and says god has forgiven him, and he is now free. He takes her hand and is led to a life he craves; he marries, has children and grows old. On his deathbed he is visited by Judas and is duly reminded of his role, that he is the chosen one. 'That 'angel' is satan' bellows Judas, infuriated. And then our fictional Christ realises his folly, and seeks god's forgiveness, then lo and behold! He wakes up and realises he was on the cross all along! And his 'life' was nothing more than a dream! Satan has failed, and our fictional Christ (everyman) has triumphed over temptation! This 'dream' section is what caused the outrage amongst Christians. But this is without doubt the most beautifully constructed, acted, photographed and realised chapter in the film, and is my favourite! You can see why uber nerd Kevin Smith rates this film in his top 5 films of all time! And while it isnt in my top 5 movie list, it is nonetheless one of my personally favourite Scorsese films!

    I must also comment on the music of the film; it is very 'arabesque' in tone, with drum beats and flute. It is one of my favourite movie sound tracks alongside Raging Bull (Mascagni) and The Mission (Morricone). It is brilliant and has to be heard to be believed!

    I urge all Scorsese fan's and non-fan's alike to give this fantastic movie a try. Buy it now and witness the master storyteller at his blistering best!

    All in all, The Last Tempation of Christ is Scorsese's underrated masterpiece!

  6.  The greatest children's TV show ever made!


    The word Nostalgia can mean many things to a lot of people. To me, the meaning has five words; The Mysterious Cities of Gold!

    Words cannot express the joy i felt when i had TMCOG delivered to me by Play.com! Indeed,after i had seen the bargain retail price, i simply had to order it! This DVD was so vital in my shopping list that buying it was simply a matter of life and death! I was a child of the 80's and grew up watching such cartoon gems as Thundercats, Ulysses 31, Dungeons and Dragons, and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, not forgetting Dogtanian! But my most favourite childrens show was without doubt The Mysterious Cities of Gold! I would come home from school in haste, and sit glued in front of the TV screen watching each episode with almost religious fervour!

    So what made Cities of Gold such a beautiful cartoon epic and a massive draw for children growing up in the 80's? Well for one, there was the fantastic catchy musical opening! A music so engrained on my mind as to draw howls of appreciation, and reduce me close to tears of joy when i hear it even now as an adult! The animation is another, but the key draw was no doubt the story. The level of detail and care put into each episode was truly astonishing. And watching it back with adult eyes i appreciate the work even more, as of the creators too. Although today there are fantastic cartoon shows such as X-men, Avatar and Naruto, TMCOG really set the benchmark and no such fare of today can hold a candle to the original series of TMCOG!

    The animation style of that period hugely appealed to me too, it was very anime in tone; no doubt the talented Japanese animators behind the work a big reason why. Maybe that explains why my love of Japanese animation has grown as an adult with such talented master's such as Miyazaki (Spirited Away), Otomo (Akira), and Yoshiaki (Ninja Scroll) at the helm? If TMCOG had a fantastic story which grew better and more exciting as the story went on, the characters were even moreso. As a child, The three children, Esteban, Zia and Tao appealed to me very much. But as an adult i appreciate the character of Mendoza even more. He is like a caped Han Solo minus the charm! He seems like a man possesed by the lure of gold and see's the children as means to that goal, but as the story progresses you realise he also has genuine love and affection for the children. As do the two comedy sidekicks, Pedro and Sancho. These characters are what makes this cartoon series so unique. Indeed, if the great Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki ever decided to make a 39 episode childrens TV show, you feel it would be TMCOF!

    I am very fond of the the mini documentaries that followed every episode, it was very informative and had a very 80's charm to it! As an adult i like it even more as do i the whole majestic show! TMCOG is nothing less than 39 slices of 80's heaven! It brings back such good memories; my mum talks about it even today! I feel very previlaged to have experienced this beautiful series as will those who maybe watch it for the first time!

    On the DVD set; I bought the slim line version which came with a beautifully designed booklet with plot synopsis on all 39 episodes. The DVD came in a 6 disc set, with a very beautiful, sleek case and sleeve! The artwork on the cover is beautiful to behold. My only complain is that one of the DVD holding plate hinge has broken, maybe due to posting through letterbox! But all in all, it is a marvellous set, which i will treasure for life!

    Buy it now, do not delay! And so i bid you with these classic words; Goodbye...'till next time!

  7.  Jamie Foxx does an excellent 'parody' of Ray


    Hollywood has a love affair with the biopic films; depicting the lives of some very interesting characters over the years. Indeed, three biopics were the front runners in the 2005 Oscars; Finding Neverland (about J.M Barrie, author of Peter Pan), The Aviator (about recluse billionaire playboy/filmmaker/OCD sufferer Howard Hughes played brilliantly by Leonardo DiCaprio, and directed by my all time favourite director, Martin Scorsese), and of course, Ray.

    Ray is an excellent film, depicting the life of blind musician/singer, genius, heroin addict, rebel, hero and a legend in the music industry.

    It is directed well by the ever reliable Taylor Hackford. However, after viewing this film, something started bothering me.

    That hindrance was none other than the performance of Jamie Foxx.

    I must admit, I am not a big fan of Jamie Foxx. He is an over rated actor/singer/comedian. His 'accomplishment' in this film acting wise, is nothing less than a mimicing act, a Hollywood version of Rory Bremner or Alistair McCowan if you will. There has been a wealth of brilliant African-American actors both in the present and the past; Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Sidney Poitier, even Will Smith comes to mind, (after his excellent turn in Michael Mann's under rated 'Ali' biopic, and the flawed apocolyptic epic; I am Legend). But Jamie Foxx is a great performer, a comic (which he was), hence his ability to parody people, sadly Ray included. And to award his 'performance' with an Oscar is sheer lunacy in my opinion. Leanardo DiCaprio in Scorsese's magnificent The Aviator was a far more deserving candidate, or even Don Cheadle in Hotel Rwanda.

    Ray is a very good film nonetheless, and an uplifting story at that.

    But Jamie Foxx did NOT deserve the Oscar.

  8.  To live and not see this film is not to have lived at all!


    Just when i think i have watched the greatest anime movie (a film that will be a hard act to follow even by Miyazaki san himself!) he goes and does it again! There is no end to the originality, the genius that is Studio Ghibli and its founding father!

    A week ago i watched Laputa: Castle in the Sky by Miyazaki (one of his earlier fares). I thought to myself that Laputa was undoubtedly one of the most magnificent anime films i have watched! Then i wondered to myself if it could be bettered? Yes Howl and Spirited Away were more recent masterpieces, but his earlier movies were dazzling gems in their own right. Then i watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and was simply awestruck! Dumbfounded by what i was witnessing!! To say that i was watching a miracle unfold in front of my bewildered eyes was not an understatement!

    Nausicaa is a stunning piece of fantasy storytelling from Miyazaki. An ecological epic if you will. The story revolves around Nausicaa; our protagonist who is a princess in the Valley of the Wind, and her quest to unite mankind with the rest of the natural world, which has been poisoned by the hands of man, leaving a sort of poison jungle brimming with large insects of all varieties. The world of Nausicaa is akin to ancient times when tribes from different area's ruled over their regions zealously. And rivalry and war was ever present. Although set in the distant future, there are signs of the old world too. Indeed, one of the wonders of this magnificent film is the sight of soldiers in medieval looking armour flying in large futuristic flying ships. A merging of the old with the fantastical! The story is so dense and brimming with drama that i cannot do it justice by giving a brief synopsis. I feel it incumbent upon the viewer to experience this marvel of film making with their own eyes!

    As always with Studio Ghibli films, the voice work by the English speaking actors is excellent. Special mention must go to Patrick Stewart (Star Trek) for his voicework for the wise old man Lord Yupa, and Alison Lohman (Drag Me To Hell) for her her turn as Nausicaa. Both the aforementioned actors bring their characters truly alive! The only snag i had was with Shia LaBeouf as Asbel - I am not a big fan of his, must say he did a good job too!

    I am running out of superlatives with which to lavish upon Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli! Suffice to say that he is a master storyteller. The George Lucas of animation. A genius. And i hope his work continues to inspire others as it did me.

    I feel it incumbent upon viewers, whether fan of anime or not, to give this film a try. It is a beautifully constructed, achingly poignant piece of movie magic, and to live and not to have seen this movie (and other Ghibli fares) is not to have lived at all!

    Note: I want to forward my sincere thanks to Play.com for stocking these beautiful films at some truly bargain prices!

  9.  A must have, must read book for all sci-fi movie lovers!


    I am a massive fan of sci-fi movies and literature! My love for sci-fi movies started with Star Wars. I remember as a little boy growing up in the 80's huddled before the TV screen at Christmas, watching my jaws drop and eyes dazzle by the sight of the magical scenes unfolding before my eyes! And so began my ever growing love affair with spaceships, lightsabers, battles, romance and The Force!! And as an adult my love for all things sci-fi grew even more with the Alien movies, and the sci-fi masterpiece tour de force; Blade Runner!

    I first read this book, The rough guide to Sci-fi Movies a little while back when i borrowed it from my local library. Almost instantly i fell in love with it! Nothing is left untouched; the author talks about the history of sci-fi literature and movies, people who moulded the sci-fi landscape such as Phillip K. Dick, and my personal favourite is the top 50 must watch sci-fi movies chapter! Indeed, this book was a big guide to me discovering obscure sci-fi gems such as Dark Star, and Escape from New York (both by John Carpenter and available to buy on this site). Everything is covered that relates to this exciting genre, even a chapter on foreign sci-fi films and a guide to good sci-fi websites at the end!

    The author, John Scalzi is very accomplished in his writing. This book is easy to read and understand. I found it difficult to put down when i started reading it!

    And so after i returned the book back to my library, i promised to myself that i will buy it. Even if i had to search the unknown universe from the fiery volcanic planet of Mustafar to the freezing tundra of Rura Pente!!!! And thanks to The Force i finally got my hands on it via this site.

    I bought my copy from The Book Depository (see below) for a very reasonable price. My copy was first hand, but you can buy it much cheaper if you so wish,, albeit second hand.

    The copy i read and purchased was a first edition published in 2005. I do not know if a second revised edition was published. Nevertheless, it is still great value for money and a great addiition to any movie lover's collection.

    I am very happy with my purchase and shall read and treasure it for years to come!

    NOTE: i suggest movie lovers to also try The Rough Guide to Westerns which is in the same series. I already own a copy and it is excellent read for all fans of Westerns!

  10.  Keep your eyes wide open!


    Eyes wide shut is without doubt, a remarkable feat in virtusos film-makng by one of cinema's true greats. The more time passes, one can feel the hole left in cinema by the absence of Stanley Kubrick, an auteur of technical mastery of film, he is one of the true masters of film directing. Over the years he has contributed so much to cinema, in turn shaping the way we view films. Who can forget the voice of Hal in 2001: a space odyssey? The monolith in the desert? The bone turning into a spaceship via one of the greatest jump cuts composed on film? Blood gushing out of the lift doors in The Shining? These images have been seered on our minds. They are iconic images, images that will last throughout celluloid history.

    Many regarded Eyes Wide Shut as Kubricks folly when it first came out, a vanity project that backfired. But as time passes, we have come to realise that the opposite is true. Indeed, it is one of my favourite Kubrick films altogether! We have everything that is a trademark of Kubrick, the coldness, the bravura tracking shots, the detail. But what one fails to realise is that his last movie was not only an erotic, psychological masterpiece. There is more to the film than meets the eyes!

    Our protagonist (Tom Cruise) goes walkabout one night in New York after an 'argument' with his wife (Nicole Kidman). He encounters some odd characters on his travels. A prostitute who is not all she appears to be, some odd people at a costume shop. He then bumps into an old friend in a jazz club, who gives him a card with a secret password to a private 'party'. He goes there draped in the compulsory costume and enters a gothic, sexually charged dangerous world. This scene is my favourite throughout the film. The music is truly remarkable, it is like a masonic chant that captivates the viewer. I was simply in awe of this music and the scene of people in masks, engaged in all manner of sexual debauchery while others watch. But this is where you need to stay alert because it is not just a 'party' for grown ups, it is a sort of ritual. A sisniter masonic ritual. Our hero is found out and his life in danger, but a woman exchanges her life for his. He leaves but is followed by shadowy men. He wants to look moreinto this matter but is stopped by unseen forces. Towards the end he is given a note with a threat on his life. He goes home to his wife, truly shaken from his experiences and realises the value of his relationship with his wife. Then an immortal line is uttered (which i will not repeat!) that sums up what he has been missing.

    On the outside this film seems like one man's sexual awakening, but there are more deeper issues at play. And one needs to keep their eyes wide open to see the true message. Anyhow, this is my thought on what i feel the story really is about; Look at the people present at the party, we see Cruise's doctor friend, people in high positions gathered here. It is a secret society akin to the Illuminati (though they remain nameless in the film). Our hero unwittingly discovers their rituals and his life is in danger henceforth. He is warned by his doctor friend not to be too inquisitive. He is followed by sinister men who keep an eye on him. Finally threatened. This is where the title of the film is most relevant, because even us the viewer watch this film oblivious to the true nature of the story! Our eyes are wide shut. And what this film is aking us is to open our eyes, and see the true meaning of this film. Its not (all) about sexual awakenings ,its also a warning to our everyman Cruise of the dangers of asking too many questions, and a brief insight into the sinister world of secret societies!

    In conclusion, Eyes Wide Shut is a masterpiece!