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  1.  Brilliant Stand


    Took all of 5mins to set up, Very sturdy!

    Have packed it with My 42inch LCD, XBOX360/PS3/Surround Sound & Sky Box. Holds it all with no wobbles and I can still find space for the other half to get a Wii on it(DAMN, thought I would avoid her getting one!!!).

    If your looking for a stylish yet sturdy yet discreet stand? This is the one for you.

    Highly recomended stand. You wont be dissapointed!

    I would also like to recomend A.V.E Ltd to purchase from, very easy to deal with, very efficient and good value, Cheers Guys =)

  2.  M25 =]


    this is the best and most versatile driving game ive played since gran tourismo! ... the modding of the cars is awesome, you can pretty much paint as much as ur imagination lets you, a game of pure brilliance! well worth £39.99 let alone £17.99!!!!

  3.  Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent


    after buyin splter cell (the original) i vowed never to buy another tom clancy game ... but then i saw this and G.R.A.W at resonable prices ... both where so bad! I couldnt believe I brought both of these apouling games ... the graphics are average, controls are SLOOOW!! and gameplay? sneak crouch, shoot a *silenced* gun once an hour? ... i see the fun here ? ... unfortunately not got the va-va-voom as that of Gears Of War OR Halo!

  4.  American Pie =)


    Oh dear these films are some of the funniest films ive ever seen, theyre aimed at all audiences with a character for someone of any age group to relate to, buy these films ull not regret it and you'll be in stitches of laughter and at some points embaresment!

  5.  'In The End' A great album =)


    took a while to get used to compared to their old stuf alot heaveier but a nice chage =) worth buyin. I personally love rap but LP always make me wna listen to em dno why but id recomend this album to any music lover =P

  6.  € The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion €


    Great graphics, great gameplay but hard controls to get used to very complex in places! ... also takes a while to get the nack of what you got to do with very vague instructions however after an hour or so all falls into place and becomes a brilliant and quite atmospheric game =] another must have title for the 360

  7.  € PGR3 €


    Brillllliant! ... this game is perfect for any petrol head, or someone who wants to throw a top of the range car through a 45degree corner at 100+ mph! ... the graphics, controls and atmosphere make this one of the most apealing driving games around, with the Garage/Photo feature which is an awesome idea! ... this game is worth buyin but maybe worth waiting 9-days for PGR4, well jus have to see =]!

  8.  € Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter €


    boooooring!!! ... this game is one of the worst 1player games ever! ... online brilliant, 1player, no game value what-so-ever, only buy this game if uve got the patience to sit down and play it for a few hours, otherwise dont bother =( which is a shame as the graphics are insane!

  9.  € Dead risinG €


    gore fest, with a storyling? ... what a classic and orginal game! ... hours of entertainment, for those who want a challenging game or those who jus wanna play a game for an hour or so, a game for everyone =]!

  10.  € Fight Night Round 3 €


    Good game, awesome controls, awesome graphics only downside is the repetitiveness of the game, but what else can u add to a boxing game? if u want a game to pik up and play or jus wanna see some buy bluddied and bruised whilst feeling the force feedback and excruciating sounds, buy this game =] and at this price, u cant loose!