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  1.  A Great Game For All Ages!


    I've played a fair few of the NFS games, Underground, Most Wanted, Shift etc, but this is just bundles of fun!, and even if you don't like online play, you can have loads of fun with friends and family offline!

    Sadly it isn't split screen, but if you make profiles for each of your friends or family members, it will record each of your times, and if you are added as friends on each others accounts, it will post the time to beat on whichever account you are on!. I really like this feature.

    Ill write a short pro's and con's as far as I'm concerned, about things that I consider note worthy. There are I'm sure plenty of varied opinions, but NFS has been around so long, if you are reading my review, you already know what to expect.

    My review is based on a single player's perspective, as I doubt the online experience is anything other than outstanding fun.

    Pros: You can now play as the Police. Both Police and Racers now have a small selection of well thought out weapons at their disposal. Game pace is unbelievably quick and fun.

    Cons: No splitscreen to enjoy the game offline with friends. Will be repetative over time. Free-roam seems kind of pointless.

    The game itself is just pure fun. Its not realistic at all, in fact the only realistic point is that you have to turn into the skid to regain control of drifting! That being said, I've not had this much fun in ages.

    The controls are easy to master, and I would happily place any child capable of handling the controls in front of this, as there is nothing untoward here aside from ramming people off the road!

    Don't get me wrong, I loved the GTA series, Just Cause 2, but this wins hands down as a fun suitable title for my 7 and 5 year old.

    I've been looking for a decent game where you can play the Police for some time, and I'm happy to say this is a great start to building such a collection. In fact its a great title for any collection.

    NFS Hot Pursuit is without doubt one of the most fun, faced paced driving games I've played to date, and if you can wait until the prices drop a little from 40 quid for the special edition I just got, well then you will not be disappointed!

  2.  An epic game of massive proportions


    Ok, lets get to the point. I'm a GTA follower, and have been itching to play the next GTA since I completed GTA4, but have been searching the PS3 market for something to fill in the time between. Bottom line is, I found it, and this game is an absolute blast!

    Graphics: The graphics in HDMI are superb, with attention to detail in every corner, and in every explosion. Fire looks realistic, as does blood, and the landscapes are different enough around the island to avoid being the same old view.

    Sound: The FX are nice and realistic, with plenty of noise to keep you entertained. The music just blends into the game, so even if it has been repeating itself, I haven't noticed in the 10 hours of gameplay I've had.

    Story & Missions: The storyline is enough to keep you interested, but reminds me a lot of FarCry2. The missions have also been fairly varied, with plenty of killing going on. Several of the missions in the first 10 hours of play, have made me want to replay them already.

    In game equipment/items: There is absolutely loads to play around with. Motorbikes, Cars, Trucks, Armoured Vehicles, Helicopters, Jets... It pretty much has it all. On top of the impressive vehicle collection are the weapons. Grenades, Explosives, MPGs, Assault Rifles, Snipers Rifle - again.. plenty of choice. All the items are available to upgrade, giving them new life throughout the game.

    Overall Gameplay: Everything plays as you'd want it to. There are the odd few little niggles, like getting killed mid mission and being unable to complete it without restarting. Not too bad you say? I'd agree, if they actually told you that you had to restart!! All that aside, there is nothing that has disappointed me so far.

    I was concerned about buying this on the console as I'm usually a keyboard and mouse kinda guy, but this was overcome by some handy targetting system.. so long as you are in the near general area, the bullets will find their mark, however things like one shot kills (headshots) require precision, so this give those who like a challenge something to aim for.

    There are statistics all over this game, and the area to explore is huge. To give you GTA fans an idea, add all the areas or all the GTA games so far into one... and times it by 10.. we're talking humungous! I doubt I'll finish this anytime soon, and with plenty of clever quirks to make you want to explore the entire island, Rockstar will really have to pull their finger out in the next GTA, to avoid being left for dead.

    Thanks for reading and enjoy the game if you buy it!!! :)