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  1.  You get what you pay for.


    There's nothing exciting about this top - I bought it as a t-shirt to go under other items, and that's exactly all it's really suitable for. It's the kind that you'd have to keep tugging down to cover your middriff, and it's thin fabric. I think most of that is pretty obvious from the picture though.

  2.  Looks great, but small sizes.


    As the title says, the actual jeans look perfectly fine for the price but they're most definitely a size smaller than any other brand I've bought in the same size.

  3.  Look great, but small sizes.


    As the title says, the actual jeans look perfectly fine for the price but they're most definitely a size smaller than any other brand I've bought in the same size.

  4.  Fun, rebellions, and living life to the full!


    James McAvoy plays his part so well! He's the cheeky rebel, up for a laugh and out to cause mayhem. He just wants to be allowed to live his life the way he wants to, not in the confines of an institution that threatens to strip him of his identity.

    But Steven Robertson has to be the unsung hero. His delivery of so much soul and character with so few words are remarkable!

    Yes, this film will most likely make you cry. But it will make you laugh, it'll make you want to live. It'll make you feel so grateful for your own life. This film will always stay with me.

  5.  A great point of reference.


    In terms of general ideas on where to go, what to see, routes to take and how to go about it, this is certainly a fantastic resource! Just keep in mind that this is an older version so some of the information on prices, lodgings, etc may not be accurate now.

    I'd highly recommend joining the lonelyplanet website in tandem with this as the Thorntree forums are invaluable for anyone planning a trip (whether a short one, or world tour).

  6.  Imaginative, fun, brilliant!


    A well casted and imaginative portrayal of Ian Dury's life during the rise of The Blockheads. The way parts of his life (such as his experiences with Polio as a child, memories of his dad, learning to be a 'good' dad himself, drug abuse and success) are all fantastically woven together with parts of his performances as if the gig we're viewing is really a part of some drug-induced psychosis.

    What's even more amazing is Andy Serkis actually BECOMES Dury. Being a big fan himself, he ensures he pulls off the energy, as well as the vocals, of the original Dury.

  7.  Val IS Jim.


    After watching this, I can't imagine anyone else playing Jim Morrison and actually fitting the role as well as Val has.

    This film covers the general story surrounding Jim's life - his obsession with the natives, death, cult, and drugs... combined with promiscuity, dragging the lover from his teens down with him.

    Whilst covering the path of his downfall, it leaves much to be interpreted about his death though it states the 'known cause' was heart failure.

  8.  Definitely worth giving it a shot!


    I'm not normally a fan of Kristen Stewart, but I do LOVE Joan Jett - by golly does she do her justice! I can't get over how much she took on Joan's look and attitude perfectly.

    The film itself is based on Cherie Currie's biography (Neon Angel) so, if you're a diehard Runways/Joan Jett fan, you'll not get as much of them as you'd like to. In itself though, Dakota makes the role her own, and the film (whilst being inspired by, but not a word-for-word account of Cherie's book) gives you a really good insight into the trials a young star has to face, particularly when battling with the insecuries that are inherent in any teenager and how drugs, abuse and loneliness can really test someone when in that environment.

    Kim Fowley seems so sedate compared to the things he's accused of in Cherie's book. I doubt the film would be a certificate 15 then though...

  9.  Boys coming of age - no pun intended (honest).


    A bunch of lads dreaming of stardom out on a mission to acquire KISS tickets after theirs are destroyed. Each young man has obstacles to face; ranging from lack of brain cells, priests getting high, gratuitous violence, male strip teases, vomit, sex and 'God' getting in the way.

    It's all in good fun - a bunch of lifelong friends getting up to mischief. A pretty awesome soundtrack too.

  10.  Nothing too heavy.


    This film is not meant to be taken seriously. Steve Martin often plays the part of a cringe-worthy simpleton, adopted by a loving black family.
    He suspects he doesn't fit in but doesn't know why. He has brief periods of 'smarts' that show through, leading him to fame and fortune and his ultimate fall from grace. The acting generally leaves much to be desired, but it's a light hearted comedy with pretty sweet morals.