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  1.  great headphones for price and tough too


    great little headphones which sound really nice and are built well

    easily worth the 15pounds they cost and can sometimes be cheaper in the play sales

    found bass to be really warm and deep yet not overpowering , the buds also produce a nice clear high and punchy alive mid tone

    iv eused sennheiser cx300s and many sonys and id say these were easily on par with the cx300s which are getting harder to find the genuine ones with so many fakes about

    the cable is also very high quality anti tangle cord which is also nice

    id have no hesitation recomending these little buds for users and i actually own two pairs now as i bought a second i liked them that much

  2.  n8 and symbian3 offer a great combo


    had the n8 since launch and even sold an iphone4 to buy one

    been a nokia lover for ages but after they dryed up a bit i went for an iphone4

    as soon as the n8 hit the stores i had to try one out and boy i wasnt dissapointed

    it was no hassle to sell the iphone4 and stick with the n8 , the n8 is just the perfect convergance device , with the xenon flash you can take pics night and day ina wesome quality

    seriously the photo quality is immense , after you have taken a pic zoom into it and check the captured detail you wont believe its from a camera phone , the detail captured was better then that from my samsung wb600 12mp digital camera its that good and iam now selling the wb600 as apartfrom optical zoom the n8 out performs it in almost every type of shot

    wether your using the n8 as a camera , music player , social networking hub ,email device , gps device , web browser , gaming machine or for everything like me it wont dissapoint you pr1.0 firmware is very stable and there is a massive update coming soon adding 50+ ui tweaks and extras

    symbian3 shouldnt be compared to other versions of symbian its much much beter and refined and will be recieving alot of updates

    i could go on about the n8 all day but its so much to cover

    to sum it up it does eevrything really well , is made well , built out of high grade materials and is fun to use and own , the gps is superb and the music player is excellent as is the video player that plays avi and divix out of the box

    the box contents are also very good with all the cables you need for hdmi and usb2go etc making it even more of a bargain

    another quick thing the iphone4 and the n8 cost the same to make yet the n8 can be bought for 300 from shops and the iphone4 around 550

    its a really good phone that i wouldnt hesitate to recomend infact i wanna buy another as a backup i love it that much lol :-)