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  1.  New adventures


    This game fills a in a missing marked for the xbox 360, the MMO-genre!
    you play with hundreds of people online and do everything in an open world, where people can come and help you - or not.
    you can also play team death match on 2 different maps, 1 capture and hold and a massive shadow war which allow you to play a masse up to 64 on 64 kinda "hold the points" with cars and so on...

    this is a must have for everyone who likes a open world game. i love it, and about time someone made a game like this!
    nothing like it on the marked today!

  2.  I love it!


    I love this game, so many small improvements from the first game, and the story follows up really good. You meet a lot of the good old Borderlands characters again, and the game is still hilarious!
    Love the new system where you automatically pick up money and ammo when you walk or drive over it. Looove being able to change skin and head of your character and find new skins even for the cars. The game also have so many references to countless movies and games and what not, just take the little minecraft easteregg with blocks you have to melee and actual creepers!!!

    Most of all I love the scene of humor they use in this game, from introductions of characters to when you killing an enemy and he is screaming out and stuff like that. Just make this game really enjoyable.

    I must say I think it is on my top 3 list of games, between Fallout 3 and Assassins Creed 2:)

  3.  LOL


    Mine worked just fine... for under a month, then it desided to die and not give me a single sound. great.... what the hell. how do i complain and get a refund?!

  4. Brink


    Xbox 360

    20 New from  £2.45  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.48

     loving it!


    I'm not a big fan of fps-games, but i love Brink. lot's of fun playing multiplayer online. can understand the dissapointment if people don't have the possibility to play online, but it's brilliant!:)

  5.  Love it


    this one is so cute. bought it for myself even though i'm a girl;) and the color is just as nice and clear as the picture:)

  6.  The Hunger Games


    I'm not much of a reader, but this book really captured me! ordered both book 2 and 3 and can't wait for book nr. 2 to arrive! read the book in a week - that's a first! not only don't i read too much, i read pretty slow. so absolutly a book you want to buy AND read;)

  7.  Truly amazing


    This movie is truly gonna make you cry, and it's a great movie. Watching the trailer made me wanna watch it all over again.

  8.  LOVE!!!


    i looooooooooove these! the pic on the pants are the tounge if u can't see it. and they are SO comfortable, unbelivable. best pair of pants i ever bought! (i'm more of a dress person), i might use them as normal pants:P but i'm kind of crazy. haha!:D love, love, love!