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  1.  Top Product


    I have just got hold of my 64GB WIFI version and I can tell readers that this is everything I hoped it would be. I have so far found no issues with WIFI signel loss (as reported elswhere) I also agree with the other reviewer if you are to use the iPad out and about then get the 3G version, but I didnt need 3G as this is a home product only so it will only used in areas where WIFI is.

    The Screen is fantastic and Photos look stunning, even ones taken with duff compact digi cams. Movies also look stunning and compared to the iPhone screen surfing the net is a breeze and makes Apps dedicated to sites redundant (Play get an iPhone app out soon please).

    Sound is pretty weak from the speakers and doesnt sound much better than the iPhone, but a good pair of Phones in and it rocks.

    Its weighs a bit more than first thought it would and feels solid. The iPad is definatly a puchse worthy even with the high-ish price.

  2.  Not a bad adaptation


    I've read the books, I've got the audio books, so you could say I know the story, plot, sub-plots and characters inside and out. All the films follow the books very loosely as all films do, if you went to the cinema expecting a full adaptation then you need to get a refund and stop going to the cinema. The film is very good, every element was present that needed to be and all the small stuff removed. As a film it's a bit vague and I can see whysome were left a little bemused. Bur the book didn't have much going on either it was just a history lesson to set up Harry off on the right foot for hunting horcruxses and nothing more. Acting was some of the best yet from the young trio, with Daniel standing out as much improved. Slughorn played by Jim Broadbent was a fantasic bit of acting and he made a great addition to the cast. The rest of the supporting cast did a bang up job. Rowlings world on screen is different and that's for good reason, unless you have read the books don't compare them as you look a fool, and I recomend those not wanting to read them to get the audio books read by Stephen Fry they are fantastic. A good film based on a great book.

  3.  Awesome!!


    I played this back on the PS1 and now playing on the DSLite. Its easy to get to grips with and the graphics are spot on. A must buy for all adventure fans new and old. All I want now is BS II and Monkey Island I & II and i will be a happy bunny.

  4.  Awesome film & Awesome remaster


    Any one who says this is a poor version dosn't know what they are talking about. I watched this via a PS3 and a Sony KDL46X2000 LCD TV full calibrated and its a great picture, the only let down on this disk was the sound which has a slight doppler effect present. If you have the ability to watch BD movies and you love sci-fi then this is a must no doubt about it.

  5.  Stunning


    Well packaged and great selection of up to the minute tracks for unadulterated music pleasure. If you like house/electro music go buy this collection (limited to only 10,000)