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  1.  *** Worse Than Modern Warfare 2 ***


    This is a Multiplayer only review of Modern Warfare 3.

    I bought this and put it on yesterday in high anticipation with all the hype surrounding MW3...... How wrong was I.

    The game looks, feels, handles worse than MW2, I was immediately unimpressed and remain so even after a few hours on the Multiplayer.

    Maps - These are mostly unimaginative, boring and I find they all lack any sort of essence or awesomeness. Very poor.

    Guns - Plenty of guns and unlocks to earn, fair play on the guns.

    Gameplay / Graphics - Unfortunately, MW3 looks and plays a lot worse than MW2. Even a few years down the line the game has actually taken a step BACKWARDS when it should be taking leaps and bounds forwards.

    I would highly recommend each and every person to rent / play over a friends house before you purchase this game, as the magic of previous COD titles seem to have gone. Don't get me wrong, Modern Warfare 3 is not a bad game by any means - it's an average online Multiplayer experience.


  2.  Outstanding Game


    Deus Ex : Human Revolution.

    Great game, I had this game when it came out for 40 Pound, and it is well worth that price. For 17.99 this is an absolute steal. Great mix of Stealth with a little bit of Gun mayhem thrown in. I will warn you, this isn't a 'run and gun' First Person Shooter outright, you can go Gun(g) Ho but it pays to assess the different aspects of approach to each situation.

    Enthralling storyline, great voice overs will immerse you in this beautiful bargain of a game.



    Well, where do I start!?!?!?

    First and foremost :

    Presentation - This is probably the greatest looking War Game / First Person Shooter to grace the PS3 or the Xbox 360. The Single Player experience is very enjoyable in itself, with a lot of fun to be had. The crisp and lushious graphics are astounding, the lighting effects, reflections and realistic sun glare are a joy to behold.

    Gameplay - I've touched on the Single Player, let's talk about the Multiplayer. This is the best Multiplayer experience of the year, the realism, the ambient sounds of the guns firing off, bullets ricocheting all around you as you scramble for cover. There are many different online game modes to play, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, Conquest (Capture the flag), Rush (Attack and Defend) etc keep each and every game feeling different. The maps are gloriously designed, and you will find yourself stopping and admiring the beauty of these - then a bullet will crack past you and you will be reminded why you are here - to play this glorious War Game.

    Many more maps on the way, confirmed in the future. Tonnes of different weapons and weapon attachments to be unlocked. Each gun feels/sounds/handles differently, there will be something for everybody here.

    Vehicles - Wow, where do I start.... Apache Helicopters, Big muscle Tanks, Light Armoured Jeeps, FIGHTER JETS - that's right, you read right - Fighter Jets. All of these vehicles can be commanded around the battlefield but watch out for the RPG's!!! Once you feel like it, hop out of the vehicle and join the war on foot. Get mad, get even!

    Tired of the 'run n gun' of Call Of Duty games?? Look no further than Battlefield 3.

    5**** Game


  4.  For 40 Quid The Best Value Game Pack Ever!


    Ok so I guess you know what, and how many games this package includes (5). I bought the Orange Box purely for 'Team Fortress 2' which is by far the best online multiplayer game I have ever played. The graphics are amazing (reminds me of The Incredibles), the gameplay is amazing, the fun you will have is amazing!! 9 Different classes fighting it out for supremacy in different gameplay modes.

    I have tried Halflife 2 which I was impressed with, but I haven't tried the other games because I am HOOKED ON TEAM FORTRESS 2. Arrggghhhhh!!

    5 *****

  5.  Don't believe the hype!!


    Ok before I praise the uniqeness of Shadowrun I will get a couple of the minus points in first.

    Ok it is for Live play only and there is no single player campaign (Don't buy if you want this) There are a few little glitches in the game i.e. non animation when someone goe's up a ladder. Sometimes connection can be a little annoying.

    Now that I have got the few gripes that I have with this game, let's get to the good stuff.

    First and foremost, Shadowrun is FUN!! You can play one of four races, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses. This allows for lots of different approaches to gameplay on a strategy level, if you want to play aggressively try the hulking Troll who can suck up lots of damage, or alternatively if you like to hit n run try the fast and self healing Elf. There are 2 other races that I won't go into, but they are great too. The thing that impresses me the most is how balanced the four races feel, none is truley superior than the others.

    Once you complete the simple (but effective) training mode you are ready to play your first Live game, this is where the fun starts. You are matched up by the AI (supposedly) with players of similar trueskill to yourself. So when you start you should be with players of similar skill and experience as yourself.

    You can now purchase weapons and a choice of Magics and/or Techs. These as well effect your approach to gameplay, a fair few differentials here on what you buy, and how you then go into combat. As you progress through the rounds you earn yourself more cash to purchase more goodies. After a couple of rounds you can wield some tasty weapons as well as magic and techs.

    There are 3 different gameplays, 2 mainly involve capturing the artifact (a little like capture the flag on other games) and the other one is purely a deathmatch sort of gameplay, where the object is simply to take out the other team.

    All in all Shadowrun is by no means perfect, it could do with some fine tuning, I am not sure whether this will be addressed, but if it did with Downloadable content this game could be made near perfect in my opinion. But it is a game that is unique as a FPS go's, what you will notice is that NO 2 MATCHES ARE EVER THE SAME!!

    If you are unsure on Shadowrun maybe rent it out, but I believe that the majority of you will think it is money well spent.

    Great fun!!

  6.  A MUST buy for the 360


    I must say that I am not a FPS fan normally, but Bioshock is way way much more than that. I could go on and on about the beautiful visuals within this game, but let me tell you this - you will not be dissapointed. This game is highly polished, you can tell that lots and lots of time has been put into this title. The world that you interact with is a lot of fun to explore, and you get rewarded for this by lots of nice weapons and plasmids and tonics (character upgrades) The good thing about Bioshock is there is no right way or wrong way to achieve your goals. Each foe reacts differently to your attacks on them, and they change their approaches to combat accordingly. Without spoiling the game, let me just say it is by far the best game I have ever played (until now) on the 360. I cannot praise it more highly than that. Enjoy!!

  7.  Well Worth A Look


    What can be said about Stir Crazy? Let me start about the absolutely amazing partnership of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. An absolute amazing duo, they play off each other with the most minimal effort, I only wish they did more films together. I have rated this film 4/5 stars, but its very funny, and stands the test of time very well. I wont spoil the story in case your thinking of buying it, but I recently had this delivered and its 5 pound well spend in my opinion. If you do buyit, let me know what you think.


  8.  Great Game


    I started playing Crackdown, and wasn't sure if I would like it. After about half an hour getting used to the controls and gameplay I realised what a brilliant game it actually is.

    It is a free flowing game, where you don't have to stick to any set route, you can go about the game in any way you like really. You level your character up by collecting the Agility orbs and also the 'hidden orbs' that you find scattered in sneaky locations. Once you keep leveling your law enforcer agent up, the tasks that he can perform are pretty outstanding and satisfying. He can leap off the tops of building, pick up all sorts of objects (even cars) and climb to outstanding heights, some of the views are breathtaking. This is without me even mentioning the gangs and bosses that are there to be wiped out, 21 in all to infiltrate. Some of the bosses are heavily guarded, and will present you with a challenge. You can also drive any vehicle that is moving, simply flag one down and hop in!!

    All in all I would recommend anyone to give Crackdown a go, as its totally non-linear gaming at its finest (I don't normally go for these type of games too, but it was in with the 3 games I got once I bought my 360)

    Thumbs Up!!