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  1.  Best RPG in a while


    I know this game has recieved a lot of negative reviews for its liniarity but I don't agree completely, FFX had the exact same issues but it was just less noticable.

    The combat system in this game is fantastic, fast paced and energetic and battles can finish as quickly or slowly as you like.

    The storyline is great, however its required that you read all the primers and world history documents in the datalog, its also a good idea to read the Fabula Mythology online as this is very badly portrayed in the game, the game refferences events that are scarcly mentioned previously. The player has no idea quite who 'The Maker' is, or why everyone wants to meet him/her.

    The story is solid but told in a very unusual way.

    The lack of towns and NPC's is quite a let down but not something too noticable due to the areas you explore.

    Once you hit Gran Pulse its side quests everywhere, though these are only Monster hunting missions and don't take too long.

    The leveling system is very unusuai, if a character is in your party they gain Crystarium Points, if a character is dead they also gain points, if they aren't in your party they gain points, and even if they're characters that you previousy had on your team but have since left to explore without the main party... they STILL ger Crystarium points, whilst I understand this is for the sake of keeping the party levelled up it also ruins the gameplay a litle, I don't need to use Hope if I don't like him because he can level up in the background anyway.


    The soundtrack throws away some of the musical staples of the story but also creates a few new ones, the batle theme is great and so are many other tracks.

    This is a final fantasy game thats best played twice, towards the end some things are explained that would have been better explained early in the game ut weren't.

  2.  Just Brilliant


    Both of these games are just brilliant, back on the PS2 many people missed these and now is the perfect oppertunity to try them out, and for dirt cheap too, this is easily one of the greatest game collections of all time.

  3.  A* Game


    I loved this game, as a fan of both indiana Jones and Lego this was the perfect marriage.

    The gameplay is nice and fun, not too difficult by any means but not too easy either, there's a lot to collect in here and it should keep you entertained for many weeks.

    I'd say this is a game best played with a friend, but not as a serious game, the gameplay is lighthearted and fun and if you want to have a good time then you're approach should be the same.

    Highly recommended.

  4.  A fun game to return to


    I've had this game since its initial release date and still haven't finished it, I mainly purchased it for the unique art style, the gameplay is very Zelda-ish but this isn't a bad thing.

    The music is very nice and suits the gameplay quite well.

    I'd say if you're looking for something fun to pass the time, but something that isn't 'deep' then this is the title for you, and if you're after nostalgia too then you're getting it all right here.

  5.  A hidden gem


    First of all let me say this game is brilliant, the combination of old and new styles makes for a really interesting adventure.

    The characters are not overly likable or easy to become attached too, even when Kaim learns of his past you don't really care much for him because even then his lack of emotion is evident, I can't decide if this is down to bad voice acting of the character himself.

    The battles are turnbased which is a nice change from other RPGS as of late, the combat is fun and complicated at the same time, the battles are random across the maps and are at times rather frustrating.

    The storyline is intersting but you aren't suprised by anything, the main antagonist is obvious from the first time you see him, he has a theme song that just screams 'yup, I'm a bad guy', Jansen is probably the best character in the game, torn between multiple sides he's easier to relate too after you get passed his initial flaws.

    my main problem with this game is that its so damn depressing, everything from the story to he dreams is about loss during war, its an extreemly tearjerking game, this isn't what I was expecting nor what I wanted so for anyone that is looking for this... you won't be disapointed.

  6.  Soundtrack alone is a must buy


    I enjoyed this movie, the story wasn't too predictable and the characters were fleshed out just enough to keep you interested.

    Tom Cruise Japanese language skills were a little offputting for me but thats a minor thing. The cast all acted great and eventhough at the beginning you cared for none of the characters, by the end you rooted for the samurai, Tom isn't setup to be the perfect hero, nor the antihero and he plays this role superbly.

    The sundtrack by Hans Zimmer is fantastic, theres not a single track on this soundtrack that isn't brilliant.

  7.  The Perfect ending to the series


    Guns of the Patriots is the perfect ending to the MGS franchise, ties up all the plotlines (too many in fact) into a neat little bundle leaving you wondering nothing at the end.


    The gameplay is fun if a little slow, the camo system is a nice addition to the gameplay. Many players will be pleased that this game gives the option to play in pure first person if you want, whilst I think this is nice, I think it sort of defeats the objective of a stealth based game.


    The story is great, though the cutscenes are far too long, the opening cutscene along is around 30 or so minutes before you play the game for 5 minutes before a further 10 minute cutscene jumps in the way.

    The soundtrack is fantastic, perhaps not the very strongest in the series but some great tracks exist in this game.


    This is the main issue with the game, the length, MGS has always been a rather short game (1-2 hours completion time are required to get the Big Boss Codename in 1-3), but ths game takes it the extra mile, the final act of the game has around 10 minutes of actual gameplay, the rest is a boss battle and a quicktime sequence, this is a section I was personally looking forward to so I aws extreemly dissapointed.

    The return to an previous game area (I wont spoil it) was a great treat, however I wish more areas were accessable, it was nice to see how things have changed since then, though a few guards would have been nice.

    Overall I'd give this game an 8/10, I loved it as an MGS fan but as a gamer I disliked that it was so short, especialy after the extreemly long wait.

  8.  Fun but nothing more


    The last few Dragonball games were great (with the exception of the last 2), budokai and tenkaichi were brilliant, this game however is a major letdown.

    The combat is too slow and not 'dragonball Z' enough for me, the visuals are fantastic but this seems to have been the main focus, I dislike the way specials are done, pushing a stick in a direction and praying your opponent doesn't do the same direction is not fun, the roster of characters is miniscule,.

    I'm not expecting every character from the series or anything, but at least Goku super saiyan level 4 would be nice, Hero mode is probably the most fun part of the entire game, but even then its pretty limited.

    I would recommend people try this game to make an opinion, but personally I'm extreemly let down by this title.

  9.  Highly Improved


    XIII-2 improves so much of XIII's pitfalls, character interaction, the abilitiy to return to areas previous visited, so much has changed that really fixes everything

    The storyline is good, it connects nicely to XIII without retconning the original story. The storyline ties itself nicely to the ability to go back and forth to areas at any moment.


    The gameplay has changed a fair bit, you now have the abilitiy to jump whenever you like (which is honestly useless as 99% of jumpable areas are noted as being jumpable anyway).

    The battle system is unchanged, however you can now switch party leader easily, personally I'd still like the abilitiy to manually control all my characters but eitherway this change is more than welcome.

    The ability to capture monsters is huge, at first I expected this to be something quite novel, but its actually quite addictive, each monster has its own quircks and trying to find the items required for levelling up is quite difficult at higher levels.


    The music in this game is honestly the worst thing, far too many vocal tracks, the chocobo theme is Metal.... the instrumental tracks are great and I even like some of the slower vocal tracks too, but I think the soundtrack was a little too experimental.

    Collectors Edition:

    Box was great, the cards were as good as is to be expected, the artbook however is brilliant, I love the art to this game so being able to see the early concepts was a real treat. I'm still yet to listen to the soundtrack disc that came with the game so I can't make an opinion on this however.

    Overall I'd say top stars, I love this game, I'm currently at the very end, going about collecting everything I can, leveling up all my characters, so many sidequests avaliable.

  10.  Excellent


    I purchased these almost 2 year ago now, they work great, charge takes just as long as the usual xbox method but considering there's 2 it works out nicely for single players.

    I think the only downside I can point out is that these past few months the batteries seem to die faster than before, though this is likely more due to old age than anything more, highly recommended if, like me, you don't want to purchase the official xbox charger packs for large sums of money.