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  1.  The lost and damned really is lost.


    So as the title states the lost and damned bit of this game is what i can only describe as dark dreary boring simple and not worth the 99 of the price thats all that needs to be said on that front.

    The ballad of gay tony is good just came as a disappointment to me as i did kind of expect more at this point in the GTA series the problem is that theres no extra features bar sky diving (which dont get me wrong is a lot of fun) its just a similar format to all the previous editions kill him, steal that, date her i think this game would be epic if you could invest in real estate and businesses because the problem is with gta you always earn thousands of pounds but theres never nothing to spend it on.
    Guns? you might say well yes good point but why not just kill people through the missions and steal there guns another annoying feature is that theres no storage space for rare cars i found a subaru type car that was great i tried to store it couldnt find anywhere so just thought scrap it and ill find it again been looking best part of 2 month now and still havent seen it.

  2.  The legend that is uncharted drakes fortune.


    So initially I was a massive xbox man but had a go on a ps3 at a friends house and thought well i wouldnt mind one myself actually so anyway i bought myself a ps3 and not knowing what sort of game i intended to play i posted on another forum asking for ps3 essential games as previously when i had a xbox i did believe i had an essential game which was forza 3.

    Anyway so someone suggested uncharted drakes fortune but when i read up on the story of it i was a little erm no thats not my sort of thing so i decided to nip and purchase midnight club LA however when i got to game i spotted uncharted drakes fortune and i read through the game and just by a gut instinct i thought id purchase this simply on the basis that upon looking at the midnight club la case the graphics did seem a little flakey.

    Anyway MY MY MY i was absolutely astounded with the game the whole story line is very well thought out everything just flows into place but basically the thing that got me more then anything is that its not just a game its very practical and you have to think what its telling you i normally get interested in games but this one gripped me like a earth size magnet i just couldnt pull myself away.

    This is well worth the money. Seriously buy it.