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  1.  under the radar but still good


    this album practically passed me by and i've only heard one of the songs on the end titles to the new underworld film. but its classic evanescence. i've listen to it through a couple of times and ive yet to find a 'lithium' or 'bring me to life' but i think some songs are going to grow on me.

  2.  perfect for the price


    i struggled to find a khaki parka anywhere but this one was perfect. the hood is big which is great for keeping out the wind but does obstruct your vision slightly. i like the toggle on the waist as i like my clothes sinched and it helped as its a little shapeless. the pockets are deep but not padded which i actually prefer. i've worn it to a football match in january and it was fantastic, i was lovely and cosy. the rrp was 90 quid and i would definately not have paid that because the fabric and shape is not what you would expect for high value product. but for this price its great. highly recommended for a casual coat x

  3.  happy ending!?


    another great spohie kinsella read. the second wedding is amazing and i could really visualise it. this is the only time ive really felt the realtionship between luke and becky. good book

  4.  its a duty to collect this series.


    everytime sophie kinsella brings out another shopaholic i have to but it. this is typical of the series and enjoyable. my only problem with becky is her relationship with luke. i dont care about it. i dont feel anything between them. its like she talks about him as an after thought. i also feel beckys reaction to having a half sister isnt as strong as i expected from someone as immature as her. but she still makes me smile and i still care when things go wrong.

  5.  feels like a uni paper


    theres is some interesting info in here for an oc fan but its got the feel of a uni paper and i started to lose interest a little. its still worth a go if your really into the oc

  6. PCD


    The Pussycat Dolls - CD

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     half and half


    i like half this album, the other half is cringy and badly written. there are a lot of covers, which again are half good half bad. i love another one bites the dust and hot stuff, but tainted love isnt my cup of tea nor is sway. but the rest is good and spot on for a girly dance!

  7.  think of it like an annual


    this is ok for a die hard oc fan. but its basically a wiki of the stars. i did enjoy it and i learnt a little but its not exactly indepth.

  8.  a lot better than you would think


    surprisingly good. you dont always think that when paris hilton is attched to something but she's really not that bad at acting in this film. the other actors are more seasoned and pull a good performance. the town is creepy and the special effects realisticly gruesome. the actual story is quite sad when you learn about the characters in the town. i've not seen the original so i couldn't compare but i do think this is worth a watch

  9.  what u expect


    probably one of the weaker nows but still some good tracks.

  10.  great for lazy people like me!


    the remixes are quite good, some like britney spears are a bit short, but its definately energetic. the accompanying video is good as well so you can follow a routine. it has all the best intentions but it would really only be at its most useful