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  1.  Blows MW2 out the water!


    The game is great, ok it had problems online to start with, they are fixed now, the so called hackers...tell me a cod game that no one has hacked or glitched (under the map) WAW did it cod4 did it and MW2 did it, remember at certain points you can rise up into the sky? people have bought this game and moaned about it from day 1. Everything is playing well, no silly killstreaks!!!, great idea to buy your weapons and the wager matches are really fun. You are going to get campers on every FPS shooter FACT! put up or shut up!. Ignore the negativity and make your OWN decision! I love it!

  2.  What a game!


    I love this game, yes it is true I LOVE IT! it picks up MW2, eats it and spits it back out again, the maps are very well designed, great TEAM play, very little campers, and now it has hardcore mode too!!!!! the weapon and gadgets are really good and you can custom your player fittingly on how you want to play. Even if in a vehicle you will find yourself being blown up if you are not careful, the game really makes things even. This game has a great future with the forthcoming new weapons and maps. The campaign mode is really good too. Buy this, go on go buy it, trade in that rubbish MW2 you have sitting on your shelf and get this........well??? what are you waiting for????

  3.  OH MY GOD!!!!!


    Thank you so much Sqaure Enix for this fantastic game, This is the game I was waiting for, for my PS3, It has been worth the wait and I hope that this will be game of the year. Some reviews have said this is linear what with the cut scenes and time it takes to get into it, but I say they are wrong, if you are a real fan of the series this is part of the experience to watch the amazing cut scenes, just like MGS was. The start is well paced and helps to get used to the new battle system, what an improvement to 12, (still loved that game), I could go on and on and on, just buy it, you really do not know what you are missing...hang on I must be ill, 2 games I have rated a 5, the PS3 must be improving!!!!

  4.  Devil May Cry .....As a woman


    Nothing original in this game what so ever! I was a big fan of DMC and reading the reviews I was told this is a big move on???? The graphics are very good I will give it that, but not a fan of this game, I cannot be bothered in finishing it!

  5.  It is not COD!!!!!!!!!!


    This is a thinking persons FPS! strategy is the main thing in this game, You have to take your time, work with your team, flanking the enemy. I love this game, yeah online is terrible at the moment and I cannot even get a game yet, but I emailed codemasters, they are working on it, they have had servers problems. So did cod4, cod5 and killzone, just give it time. Graphics are not the best but still very good. Thumbs up from me!

  6.  Don't listen to the non-believers.


    I loved this film, yeah it's cheesy as hell, but who cares, its got everything for an action film!, Great story although the 2 twins are really annoying!. Loved it loved it loved it, saw it at the cinema 3 times! Cannot wait for Blu-ray release.

  7.  Rubbish


    Typical Stupid comedy film, very boring and unfunny. I would only buy on normal DVD as blu-ray was a waste of money.

  8.  Loved it


    Not to the quality of the first two but still a great film and it was good to see what happened to Lucian before Underworld one. i thought the picture quality was good, not the worst I have seen!

  9.  Rubbish


    You have to be a fan of the comics to watch this, I hated it and walked out of the cinema as I found it boring and Dull. I suppose I thought it was gonna be a typical superhero type affair, but as I said I have never read the comics and did not realise how dark a film it is.

  10.  Shame!


    Just like any excellent comedy they have to spoil it and bring a follow up years later ie (only fool and horses) Should have ended it in series 8. Very disappointing but will still get it as I am to bigger fan not too! Maybe just maybe more will follow to make up for this pile of poop!