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  1. Sew!



    15 New from  £5.79  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.04

     A smaller version of the original Sew!


    I was very excited when i heard there was a new Sew! coming out so I pre ordered, but I did not realise that this was just a re-release of the original except in a smaller format. But then I though that the Needles and Case would have been worth the money alone but unofrtunatly this turned out just to be a piece of card. This book is brillaint if you do not have the original version but if you had a choice of buying this version or the larger version I would go for the larger one!

  2. Invented


    Jimmy Eat World - CD

    24 New from  £5.05  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.65

     Blasting back on the scene in style!!!


    This is album is amazing!!! It takes Jimmy Eat World to a new level, their sound has evolved but still remains true to their Jimmy roots and wont disappoint existing fans. I am only rating this 4 stars as it will never top Bleed American and Chase this Light but it is amazing all the same and a great return for such a superb band. Buy Buy Buy....NOW!

  3.  Undecided


    Being an ardent fan of theirs since their Shabutie days and getting tattoos of the keywork and dragonfly I pre ordered this as a deluxe edition from America with the graphic novel. As their potentially last album I must say im not totally disappointed but I cant help feel it lacks in some areas. The first two songs are bang on and a couple throughout hold the same charm as the older albums but some of the other songs are mediocre and lack that power and drive the first two tracks have. i really hate having to give coheed a 3 but I just cant give them a 5 when this should be their best album to date

  4. Lights


    Ellie Goulding - CD

    2 New from  £4.82  Free delivery



    Ellie Goulding is like marmite, you either love her voice or hate it abit like La Roux, but this album lives up to all the hype! it is superb and so different to all the other main stream garbage that female artists are churning out at the moment. Its such a refreshing, original take on the current trend for electronic pop and indie music. With cleverly written lyrics and Ellie's unique voice I have given this top marks!

  5.  short but sweet


    bought this the first day it came out and pretty much completed it the same day. I was looking forward to this game as it was the Xbox 360's answer of not having God of War 3 available on this platform. This is essentially God of War, same fighting system, combos, level ups etc but this does deter from the fact that this game is a load of fun. If ample amounts of nudity and blood do not appeal to you stay far away from this game, if not buy this game to pass the time. The only thing that dropped my star rating is that the game very short only 8-12 hours game play and the puzzles were a little too easy

  6.  Get it now!


    this album is amazing! It goes that little bit further than the previous album.....Still very gaga in style but just that little bit different :D Good value for money as this comes complete with the first album too if you dont already own it. awesome album!! buy now!!

  7. Ellipse


    Imogen Heap - CD

    17 New from  £4.77  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.17

     need i say more A++++++++++


    Half Life is definatly the highlight of this album along with Last train, Heaps music is truly inspiring her haunting atmospheric melodies take you on an emotional rollercoaster

  8.  so goooooooooood!!!!


    debated whether to buy this for ages, and finally I did. Its takes a while to get into and your actions are limited in the way that the mission are so repetitive which is what let it down for me. the graphics are so amazing even now when the game isnt new. I had fun just roaming about exploring citys and countryside for a while and the story really gets you gripped. Already pre ordered the AC 2 black edition so i can own my very own altair :D cant wait til november!!!

  9.  magical and charming


    Bought this the other day just out of intrigue when it was on sale, and iv already fallen in love with it. Charming film and a bit of a weepy but a happy weepy. Given it a four as i felt the relationship between winnie and jesse could have been explored a bit morew in depth and was a bit short other than this a great film

  10.  all time favourite


    I absolutely love this film!!!, an excellent take on the cinderella fairy tale, i'm not a major fan of drew in this as her english accent can be a tad ropey at times but overall a charming film that makes you want to watch it again and again