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  1.  Fantastic


    This game is brilliant. I got it as part of a bundle so hadnt actually picked it myself. I only put it on for my little one who lost interest after a few minutes (he's only a few years old). Hours later I was still playing it. I recently discovered extra levels you can play as the badies as well, so I was even more excited. I now spend most evenings playing it until its so late I fall asleep - literally! Its that addictive I even miss my soaps! I cannot wait till I have finished it so I can get more lego games. Oh, and Im 37, so its not just for kids!

  2.  Great Phone


    This is my first phone with a keyboard and I love it - it makes texting alot easier and there are some really funky things on the menu's. Had it a week now and am still learning things it does so have not, as yet, used it to its full potential, but what I have used I really liked. The rollercoaster game is good fun too!

  3.  Brilliant Read


    I have had to buy a new copy of this book as I wore the old one out!

    This book is fantastic. I keep it to hand whenever I am feeling unsure of myself and I pep right back up again. The inspirational thoughts, sayings and comments on each page are great. I have read this book twice now, and will often pick it up and just read sections.

    Everyone should have a copy of this book!

  4.  Fantastic Read


    This is one of the best books I have had the pleasure to own.

    The way Susan writes makes you want to get up and do something, it even compelled me to start my own business.

    I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful lady. I have bought 4 copies for other people.

    This book is uncomplicated, and easy to read, and I myself have read it a few times already, and keep it to hand whenever I am feeling scared, or lack confidence, or something sad happens. She empowers you to look at life differently. I have nearly all of her books and they are all equally wonderful.

  5.  Excellent


    This book is one of the best books written on Witchcraft.

    It is also the first of many books I read, and it gave me so much information on the craft. It is written without complication, and it keeps you interested right till the end.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who is new to the craft or just interested in finding out more about this wonderful way of life.

  6.  Worth Having


    This book is very big and there is alot of information to go through, but, having done alot of research into Wicca, I would trust that Janet and Stewart only ever have your best interests at heart.

    I would recommend a number of their other books in conjunction with this one, and if you are a solatary witch you may find some of the information baffaling, but, take what you feel you need, and leave the rest for another time.

    Not a great book for those starting out, but worth having as a companion read.

  7.  Excellent Read


    This book seemed slightly different to Laymon's usual style, but a fantastic read nonetheless.

    At first you wonder where the story is going, in a good way, not a bored way, and you enjoy just sitting back and waiting to see what happens.

    A lovely story of friendship, tragedy and some gorey bits too!

    Well worth reading as are all Laymons books. Havent found a bad one yet!

  8. Quake



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     Excellent Ride


    This book, once again, is a must for all Laymon fans.

    Not only is it quite terrifying, but it shows you how some people work together and how most people take advantage of a terrible situation. A good lesson in people behaviour.

    What makes it stand out is the fact that it could happen. You can feel what the characters are feeling, and fear is paramount in this book.

  9.  Truely Gripping


    This is probably the only book I have ever read where I am on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. My heart was racing and I couldnt put it down.

    I found some of the book quite terrifying, and the images it created in my mind have stayed with me, a long time after reading it.

    Another must from Laymon

  10.  Another Excellent Read


    This book is another excellent read from Laymon. I have yet to find one of his books that is not first class and this is no exception.

    You often wonder why the main character goes out alone at night, and you can feel his fear (or maybe your own fear), but, the further into the book you read, the more you start to think how exciting it might be to be out at night, alone, and see who is out there - because you are never completely alone!

    From beginning to end a wonderful read.