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  1.  Rock and Soul


    I saw these supporting Muse a few years back and bought their debut off the strength of their energetic performance. This album is full of catchy melodic rock songs lent an air of soul thanks to the lead singer's awesome voice. Shingai Shoniwa is a great front-woman with a fresh voice.

    If their latest single 'Don't Upset the Rhythm' is anything to go by the Noisettes will be as popular as they deserve to be by the end of 2009... anyone listening to their newer material should definitely check their debut out too!

  2.  A Deep and Rewarding Experience


    Some might be put off by the depth of Fallout 3, the emphasis placed on autonomous learning or the freeform mission structure. Yes, Fallout 3 refuses to hold your hand - but stick with this game and you will not be disappointed.

    The world is fantastically realised, beautiful, savage and at times hilarious. It plays well on the 360, looks pretty, but as with any game of this size and ambition a few bugs remain in the final code - but nothing bad enough to hinder the experience. You can't do better for this price!

  3.  Excellent story marred by technical issues. 7/10


    Mass Effect has a fantastic storyline as various alien races struggle to prove themselves to one another, but it is not the game that BioWare promised.

    Graphical issues such as some terrible texture pop-ins/pop-outs and pop-back-in-agains are a minor niggle, but there are other more worrying factors. Understandably, the game was not optimised for HDD users and so must constantly stream from the disc, but this causes constant glitches in the framerate which can sometimes really hinder the experience. Screen-tearing is also an annoyance.

    The dialogue system is unsurpassed, and revolutionary, but the lip-synching isn't great, which is a real shame because when it runs smoothly Mass Effect is a beautiful game. The art direction is stellar, although some areas seem 'empty'. The exploration missions are mere carbon copies of one another, and you will find yourself exploring the same dungeon map over and over as you try to add some longevity to the relatively short main quest. There is little in the way of narrative diversity.

    The idea of Biotics, (kind of like 'the force') is great, and some of the drama is top notch. But there are very few 'difficult' decisions to make throughout the game, I can remember about 3 throughout the entirety of the game.

    The game has solid RPG elements, but the inventory system becomes annoying later on in the game when you have an absolute wad of items to sort through and delete one by one.

    For a game that has been this long in development, it just didn't live up to expectations and isn't nearly polished enough. A good RPG and a good first entry into the franchise, but the sequels will no doubt greatly improve on the first.