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  1.  Good but not Flawless


    I have only played through this game once as I write this but I must admit I am actually quite impressed by it. There are lots of good points about this game including:

    A good involving and realistic storyline.
    Interesting and varied characters.
    A Good interaction system with the characters in an impressively worked modern setting.
    The stealth option is entertaining, especially if you like to be patient e.g. tenchu style.
    You have the option to go all guns blazing if you are impatient.
    Good variety of customisation options for character and skills development, weapons and modifications and armour and modifications.

    There are a few bad points however:

    The aiming and Shooting with the guns is terrible, even when levelled up in a particular type of weapon.
    The damage with the weapons is also a bit stupid, e.g. it might take 5 point-blank shotgun blasts to kill a random enemy but if you let a critical shot build you will knock him over (Doing very little damage) but then you can stomp him for an instant kill.
    Headshots are the only way to easily deal with your opponents if you have been seen and are in a shootout.

    Top tip is to develop your assault rifle skills, will help to see you through any combat, especially since some is unavoidable.

    I enjoyed this game despite its flaws with the combat and the option to be stealthy adds a nice bit of difference for some of the missions, allowing you to customise your characters equipment and weapons before a mission depending on the style of play you would like to use.

    This game is definitely worth picking up, especially as it is in the play sale as I write this review. I am sure that if there is a sequel on the cards they will improve the areas of the game which are lacking but this is a great start and could turn into a good franchise or series of games.

  2.  Too Many Cutscenes


    This is actually a decent game if very very linear but you are stopping every 2 seconds for a cutscene which gets a bit tired after a while looks nice though. It is different from other final fantasy games with a different combat system and battle rules the most annoying of which being that you can only control one character and if they get put down in battle its game over. Normally this would not be so bad but when all of the enemies decide to focus on you at once they can take you from full health to dead basically instantly.

    The battle system is a bit clumsy as well having to change the different settings for the characters during battle, e.g. medic, commando, ravager. This would be fine if when someone was set as a medic he would use a basic attack if no one was hurt be he wont, he will just sit around waiting for someone to get hurt or for you to change his job role.

    The game in general is not bad, the storyline is difficult to get into because they dont explain it particularly well and you are left trying to work out what cocoon and pulse are and what a lcie is supposed to be. If you are a fan of RPGs picking this up wouldnt be a bad idea for 25 quid or so, you well get plenty of game time out of it. But if you prefer more old school RPG action I would recommend Lost Odyssey on XBOX360 which can be picked up for less than 10 on play and is an absolutely fantastic game.

  3.  Down, Down Deeper and Down.


    First off I love Halo: Combat Evolved but everyone on here raving about how perfect all the halos have been should take a minute and actually think it through. They have been sliding in terms of storyline and campaign quality since the second game. Frankly I am tired of playing essentially the same levels over and over again through every halo game. (Look at the backgrounds they are all the same as well as the storyline in 2 & 3 was just a copy and paste job from the first game).

    A lot of people on here will have read the books and other things as I have as well and will notice the fact through the game that there are George Lucas levels of continuity errors. I wont point them out I will let you see them for yourself. They have also been very predictable and cliched with the storyline e.g. the bomb timer is broken someone will have to stay behind to set it off its been done before a million times and its been done before in halo (Wars).

    The gameplay is fine what you would expect from halo to be honest but a lot of the new weapons are totally pointless and rubbish they have also shrunk a lot of clips in the guns and made them less accurate, e.g. the sniper rifle now has horrendous recoil giving it a slow fire rate which would be fine if when you shot an elite in the head he died and did not instead just start commando rolling about.

    I knew a time would come when I would get so sick of bungees lack of effort that I am really only interested in playing this game with my mates if we have nothing else to do. As for a 10 hour campaign that figure is a joke only someone who is totally inept new to halo or playing it on legendary should take anywhere near that amount of time. Im about 3/4 of the way through on heroic in 3 hours.

    As for the online I could not really care less. If the spend less time messing around with all the different pointless customisation options like different styles of fishbowl helmets and more time on the story gameplay and graphics then they would be producing much better games. Firefight is good for a laugh with your mates but frankly the novelty wears off pretty quickly and since it wore off in ODST already it did not last very long at all with this new one.

    I am so very disappointed with this game but to be honest I am not surprised.

  4.  Better than the first


    This game has a lot of improvements over the original, the developers have done their homework and really listened to the fans in terms of what they liked and disliked from the first game.

    The controls are very similar but everything is just a bit smoother and works a bit better.

    Another big plus is the level design which is much improved on the first game and just feels more flowing and fun. The character interaction is good, with a good mix of seriousness and humour depending on the situation.

    They have added moral choices to the game which makes things a bit more realistic and gives you the opportunity to see the consequences of your actions.

    The reason I have not given this 5 stars is because of the weapon customisation menu in the game, although I understand why they have done it the way they have and it fits in with the story it is just rubbish in comparison to the first games options.

    Overall well worth a buy, particularly if you like co-op campaign mode which is entertaining on live or more importantly split screen which is a rare treat these days when actually spending time at someone else's house is actively discouraged by game developers.

  5.  Management on the go


    This is a pretty solid if basic game, some people have critizised the lack of an actual match engine with a pitch etc but considering the power and functionality of the PSP this is a bit of a harsh assessment.

    If you like Football Management games on PC's or Consoles and just want something to take on holiday or play when you are commuting this is for you, hours pass very quickly.

  6.  Impressive


    I was not sure how this game would be since both Halo 2 & 3 were dissappointing in terms of story and re-use of old environments from the first game. The developers have done a really good job, they have kept it very simple yet enjoyable, the storyline is good, the characters are a little steryotypical but still good. The only real complaints are that there is no covenant or flood campaings (Although I personally hate the flood, they are boring). And that the UNSC particularly for the campaign are overpowered as all of the covenant anti air units are useless so a good air armada destroys everything., same goes for flood there is no real balance, if you avoid training marines they have a limited amount of units that are a threat. Online is good, it can be challenging but the ability to play 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 games helps to make the games a bit fairer and a bit more fun.

  7.  Should be half a Star.


    This game is just terrible, I rented it and im so glad I didn't buy it. Simply one of the worst games I have ever played. I don't mind games from small developers that dont have a big budget but that is not the major problem with this game, there are so many problems there isnt enough space to list them.

  8.  Excellent!


    I got this game as a gift and i am really impressed, the graphics are good both in game and in the cut scenes. The game play is fun and the adult aspect is amusing, not one for kids lol. Plenty of violence and even nudity. The button sequence sections can be annoying but with most enemies you can just ignore it and pummel them anyway. Worth playing and at this price i wouldn't pass it up.

  9.  Bring back SquareSoft.


    The only reason to play this game is because you loved Final Fantasy 7 and want to have a little more background story. The graphics are nice and the cut scenes are impressive, possibly more so because this was the first game I played on my PSP. The gameplay is boring however since they decided to change FF to a very poor hack and slash game (If you want an action game buy God of War its really good) I only played it too completion because I wanted the story line, I wont play it again. The side missions are boring and all exactly the same -go somewhere, kill something get some items- this all takes place in about 4 small environments. I would wait until FF7 comes out from download from the online PS shop, you don't really find out anything interesting that you didn't already know. Since Square Soft became Square Enix the game quality just keeps plummeting,

  10.  Strategy?


    Having also played the demo I enjoyed it but found that it was very much like kingdom under fire without the strategy, granted the demo is brief and I am quite optimistic about this game however I wont rush out to buy it without finding out if it will be possible to have more control over the battle, having to constantly run around rescuing your allies & saving bases yourself because you can't direct the action is always annoying.