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    so said the dusty springfield theme song to one of the initial pilot movies.

    the six million dollar man is the greatest t.v. show ever! - period!

    there has been no greater t.v. hero!

    lee majors is legend - god bless him.

    the most eagerly awaited t.v. dvd box set of all time.

  2.  Little did I know i'd end up marrying the girl!


    This film has such a special place in my life - it was a first date night film back in 1996.
    The girl I went with ended up as my wife! - Did I enjoy the film,you bet.
    Great performances throughout particulary from Mr.Jackson.
    It's typical Rennie Harlin - overblown and full of action.
    Totally recommended - Go buy!

  3.  by grabthars hammer!


    Ever been to a Star Trek or Doctor Who convention?

    Just watch the beginning of this glorious film - the fan convention is depicted in all it's detail,beautifully observed.

    Superbly cast,scripted and directed Galaxy Quest is homage to all that is Star Trek and it's real life cast as well as a tribute to the fans that follow the show, in fact any kind of sci fi show.

    Production is first class - the work of make up fx genius Stan Winston shines in hi def.

    "By grabthars hammer", get yourself a copy from PLAY today!

  4.  i've got a golden ticket!


    Brilliant! - infinitely superior version to the black hearted, souless Tim Burton version.

    Gene Wilder at his best - it's your call?,he is seriously excellent aided by a superb cast.

    Super set design - hopfully the true colour of this production will be brought to life in hi-def.

  5.  the omen trilogy boxset(blu-ray)


    The omen - 'THE' greatest psychological thriller ever made! - not to be confused with a horror film.

    The film essentially deals with love and subsequent destruction of it between man,wife and child brought about by a bizarre chain of events.

    A man denies the warnings that his life will be destroyed and that his beloved little boy is indeed the son of the devil who will take everything that he has to establish future wealth and power.

    This is a beautiful, tightly scripted,directed and cast thriller which is ultimately far more than people recognise it for.

    Infinitely superior to any of it's sequels although,Sam Neil is a superb adult Damien ready to take over the world in the somewhat far fetched third chapter( the final conflict ).

    The original is a cinema classic - the 2006 John Moore remake(call it what you will) should not have seen the light of day,shame on you fox!

    If the love and attention is there from fox! - the high def transfer of these films should be well worth the wait.