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  1.  Poltergeist crossed with The Ring


    This movie has some really excellent effects! There is a pool scene where you can see floaters (grass & bits of dirt) right by your face! Ha! Ha! Also bits that are actually coming out at you like a camcorder & swinging lights,etc. The depth effects are cool too! The film is quite dark & sinister based loosely around your worst fears. Got a shock when I realised it was only rated a "12!!" It's pretty tense, very psychological & had me jumping several times!
    It's similar to Poltergeist by the creepy jester that keeps trying to hurt the little boy. Similarly in Poltergeist there is a scary clown that keeps appearing trying to strangle a kid. Also thought that the little creepy girl was very similar to the creepy girl from the well in The Ring! Horrible! Wouldn't show this one to kids! They'll become permanently scarred from this creepy little number! More for teens+

  2.  Buy it


    As there is not a great deal of hype regarding this I wondered whether or not to get it! WOW! What a game! This game is awesome! It is vast! There is so much to it & it is so original! It is quite sinister going into Nazi occupied areas that appear in black & white! ...but so rewarding when you complete parts of the game & colour returns to unoccupied areas! loads of missions. plenty to do & adictively fun! Couldn't put this one down! Great for a rainy day distraction!

  3.  ONe to add to your collection


    Really loved this game. Even better than GTA IV! Didn't think I would ever be saying that! Some very funny & original side missions that are great fun! So much to this game! Gives hours of entertainment & is one vast adventure!

  4.  Excellent but frustrating in places


    Just finished! Wanted it because 1st game was awesome! Scenery is amazing, but to crack this game alot of time is spent in detective mode, which maybe takes away from this a bit. Great fun jumping about the rooftops & plenty of action! Great storyline & side missions. Some of the riddler trophies are quite tricky to get & didn't enjoy having to use the remote controlled batarang to bash switches! Argh! Particularly the one's that require going through electric fields 1st!! Mr Freeze chasing me freaked me out! LOL! Would have given it 5 if not for some of the frustrating bits that take too long to perfect.

  5.  Fast paced & fantastic special effects!


    It is definitely not boring! it is pumped with action all the way through! Slightly more darker/sinister.Plenty of tension too! I thought it would be a film to dislike as there was no Arnie - It was AWESOME!

  6.  quirky


    Quirky & different. I do wish it had been velcroed properly though! Can't get it to stay shut!

  7.  Addictive & relaxing


    A game to unwind to. Designed for 3+ ...but I do wonder how even a 5yr old would figure out how to create variants???
    Remedial fun for big kids!