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  1.  BEAST!!!!!


    My fav game to date! The experience is a,mazing and even at the beggining you will be amazed. The characters are well thought out and different.The choices you make actually affect the game and if you like the first 1 then get this. CANT WAIT FOR THE THIRD 1!

  2.  Improves on first!


    This game improves on the first with new beasts, guns and gameplay additions.This game is not for the faint hearted and i did expeirence a few jumps even though if your a veteren player of dead space then you jump less.The multiplayer is good and the addition to being able to play as the necramorphs is fun and it never gets boring to see you rip an oppenents head off.This overall improves alot but DO NOT BUY THIS FOR CHILDREN!



    This game made me feel extremely low! The graphics are good no the best but good enough to look at. The gameplay is smooth and all guns have a unique feel with alot of recoil. COD fans will be shocked by how hard core it is (with the lack of ammo etc). So if you want a game to glide through dont get this but if you want a challenge and get enveloped into a post apotiliciptic setting (excuse spelling) then get this for the price.

  4.  FUN


    For the price this is a good buy it isnt a GREAT game but not a bad one either. The destruction is fun and never gets all. The story was a bit stale and i would skip the cutscenes to get nearer to the action. The hammer is an awesome idea and multiplayer shines. A problem with the single player is that you constantly have to drive to the next missions which doesnt play to its strenghts but all the same it isnt TOO bad and for the price it is a deal.

  5.  Good but..............


    Good game but as said previously it lacks any new elements that its predessors did. Graphics the same; excellent and the parkour sections are as good as ever. The story was not as good even if its quite long with many sub missions; with a very good ending. There are new weapons which include the crossbow. The map is quite hard to read when alot of markers are on the map it may be minor but still a flaw. The main talking is the multiplayer and it is a new twist to the fairly bland multiplayer. Its fun with some good finishing mechanisms and the promise for new content is promising.
    Overall the game is on par but is the same old assainating which may not be a bad thing but does feel boring.

  6.  WHAT A GAME!


    I bought this game for 30 pounds and i do not regret it for this price its a no brainer. The graphics are super, showing what the ps3 can do and the gameplay is fluid and rewarding. The story is the best part with many twists with lines of humor that will make you want to play more. Drake is a very likeable character that made me laugh during an intense battle with a tank.
    The multiplayer is also a gem and is underated. There is bonus things for completing the game such as a fat skin of Drake which is very amusing in the cutscenes. Overall this is one of my fav games ever and bring on the next 1!!!!!