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  1.  Loki the dark world


    a great thor movie and much better than the first, this recent marvel flick has some great vfx and amazing acting coupled with extensive character development its an easy 5 star movie. for me personally Loki stole the show toms acting is incredible and has a cheeky draw to him.

  2.  Fall of Cybertron Rise of a Legacy


    this installment of high moons transformers blows all others outa the ball park base after the events during war for cybertron iacon is in ruins and the core of cybertron is dying as the autobots and decipticon wage war over the survival of there race and the planets core energon levels are depleting MUST BUY

  3.  Lives up to its title


    This Game definantly lives by the "amazing" in the title the game is based loosely after the events of the amazing spider man film (2012), the story ins tied in the curt connors' cross species research , the boss battles are not difficult (even in super hero mode) but they are enjoable and fun the cut scenes linking the game moments are lnfo MUST BY

  4.  Great figure great price


    i own a few hot toys and other 1/6th scale figures but for hot toys this is by far the best likeness , getting to PERs (parralell eye rolling system) jsut sweetens the deal with the amount of accessories you get you can expect the bigger price tag but for just under 200 you cant go wrong with this figure 100% must have

  5.  The best tony hawk game


    underground is by far the best tony hawk game yet even compared to the skate franchise counterpart thug still gives out a much more rounded and complete story where u start out as a small town skate rat and try to work your way to the top attending comps and meeting pros with twists and turns its sure to keep you amused

  6.  Unmissable


    A punk a hippy an anarchist poet and a suave guy what more could you ask for , The characters arent as well rounded as they are in bottom and some of the plots have no point such as "boring" or "Interesting"(they are names of 2 episodes) but still a classic slapstick comedy from an amazing era of alternate comedy 10/10 a must buy

  7.  Five stars is still not enough


    This is one of the best in British comedy , An amazing high in Adrian Edmonson and Rik Mayall's career the sheer lunacy will have you on the floor with tears in your eyes.The first season in my opinion is the best they ever made , Great for die hard fans of the comic strip and young ones 10/10

  8.  Good game worth byin


    Fallout New vegas is a good game to play for new players to fallout or the fallout fans , it just managed to live up to the name fallout three created ( wasnt as enjoyable as fallout 3 ) the map for the game is huge it is alot bigger than most open world games but is not where near as big and populated as fallout 3 alot of time is used wandering about in just plains and hill but the towns and vegas element are amazing also some really amazing character to meet along the way such as the king a man in vegas with the voice look and pesonality of Elvis Presely
    highly recommend the game

  9.  Just Genuise since worms started


    ive been a long term fan since i got the first worms on the ps1 , it was amazing for gameplay aswell as amazingly dumb entertainment but evn along the lines i still have a love for these games,it is a must buy for anyone bored of shooters and ect everyone will love it