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  1.  Must See


    coven i feel is the best AHS season yet. the story is very well thought out and written, it easy to follow aswell when i first got into American Horro Story i struggled to understand the murder house till about 3 episodes in but coven is so seeded in old witch lore but in a modern setting its a pleasure to watch, The casting choices were flawless in this season with Jessica Lange playing Fiona the supreme of the coven ,Sarah Paulson as her daughter, Taissa Farmiga and a few other familiar AHS faces appear aswell. the stand out for me was Lily Rabe who is a staple of American Horror Story having appeared in every season so far,
    10/10 must see

  2.  A true Alien Experience


    SEGA finally did it right with isolation.

    Following the events of Alien the protagonsit Amanda ripley is offered a chance to go looking for hints as to her mother Ellens whereabouts when things go horribly wrong.

    Alien Isolation brings a suspense fuelled game of epic proportions. finally an alien game thats not all guns blazing hordes of aliens in a COD manner. A gaming experience that is fully on par with ridley scotts masterpiece. Isolation capture the tone of the original film beautifully.

    as Amanda you have to use your wits to survive as your are stranded on sevastapol with literally nothing to protect you, you have to scavenge and build weapons to ensure your survival against the giant creeping monstrosity that is The Xenomorph with only one xeno on board and stalking you every step of the way stealth is key to your survival.

    you can utilse hide holes ,cupboards, lockers or distraction to try evade death but one wrong move one bump against a table could mean imminent death. but its not only xenos that will want to terrorise you even your own species could turn against you.

    An EASY 5/5 must buy for any alien fan or horror game fan. Lights off and take a stroll through Sevastapol Bring a change of undies folks

  3.  Brutal Grisly and Beautiful


    a true survival horror.
    a masterpiece brought to you by the creator of legendary Resident Evil 4.

    The evil within is a true horror gem going balls out on excess and gore with some of the creepiest locales and disturbing creations ive seen in horror games...im a huge silent hill fan this is even more messed up.

    with silent hill in the mention i feel that alot of the enemies are very silent hill-esque particularly "The Keeper" or Box head who i feel is derived from the infamous Pyramid Head.

    the Protagonist of the evil within is Sebastian Castellanos
    Sebastian is a decorated detective of the Krimson City Police Department. His career was on the fast track until dual tragedies derailed his path. Feeling powerless and dejected, Sebastian took to drinking his sorrows away. Slowly his passion for his work eroded, as well as his sense of perspective and composure, as he further spiraled into despair. The character is brought to life with a great VO from Anson Mount of AMCs Hell on Wheels

    The gameplay is classic survival horror no alot of weapons, ammo is scarce and health packs even more so. but with the option to smash crates and risk opening chest you can gain some great loot.

    The enemies are varied and interesting not to mention completely unsettling with glowing eyes and a horrifying groan. Evil within also provides an array of disgustingly visceral death animations to make your stomach turn.

    well worth buying bethesda and tango works have lovingly produced a mastepiece in horror and gore. an easy 5/5
    play with the lights off and sleep with one eye open

  4.  NOT a horror


    this film is not a horror it is a thriller.

    and a very good one at that.

    its the near future and every year american conduct an annual "purge" to cleanse people souls of there anger and hatred by making all crime legal for 12 hours in one night.it follows the family of a security firm owner who are trying to get through the night without incident when all goes south.

    decent acting from all the cast but Rhys Wakefield 100% stole the show with his very polite well mannered attitude but its so underlined with malice its an unsettling joy to watch

    a good suspenseful movie for a pretty cheap price

  5.  beautiful


    This is a must see for any movie goer

    Its a revenge flick like no other, i usually find revenge thrillers pretty damn boring but this is a piece of movie gold. The most part of the movies is plot leading up to a brilliant climax. The last 40 mins are the "revenge" the first hour odds are showing the functioning/disfunction of russells family life. His younger brother rodney is caught between some bad dudes and struggling to pay off debts and meet ends meat so is fighting on the side to make money when he finishes his tours of duty in iraq.

    The acting is sublime both bale and harrelson provide a stellar performance, and casey aflleck is superb. All actors showed the emotion just right not over done not under done just capturing the mood perfectly.

    The movies is so well thought out and doesnt rush into the deep end its takes time to show character development aswell as being beautifully shot its a 5* no hesitation

    Would recommend to everyone

  6.  why you should see it


    This is a good movie but with some flaws, this is a fairly good reboot of the robocop movie not a faithful recreation but a well though out re-telling of alex murphys downfall as a a cop and how he came to be, as fans of the original will know alex was transferred to detroit police in this however he already working in the detroit police and is trying to bring down a local gun ring/deal with crooked cops when things go south and he gets a hit placed on him. So rather than be torn a part in a slurry of shotgun fire like the original he is blown up in a car bomb. Leaving the only a few human parts still able to be used a doctor of prosthesis builds a full body prosthetic for him using the idea behind the ed 209 and footsoldier robots.

    Things i as a fan missed in this movie.
    Well other than a few cameos of the original suit i felt the originality in the suit was not there, i loved the design of the silver with almost oil slick shimmers suit in the original i felt that the suit in this was a batman suit with a flip down robocop visor the suit looks very tactile which is nice but im a big fan of robocop looking bulky and robotic not like a human in a tight high tech military suit.
    Another missing thing was what we all loved about robocop...the gore there was no gore as its a 12 age rating i knew not to expect any gore but there barley a drop of blood spilled i miss the feeling of the chair meeting about ed-209 in the original where the man is told to hold a pistol to ed-209 and it will react but it doesn't shut off and ends up obliterating the poor sod into nothing in a hale of gunfire and blood.

    As for the effects there are a lot of great cgi scenes and come well choreographed fights. Does this beat the original practical effects of the original, in my opinion no. But the effects are very well done and look stunning but i much prefer seeing a robocop vs ed-209 fight created with stop motion.for all it looks dated.

    Overall its a 4/5 stars as its a well thought out plot with a great cast namely gary oldman michael keaton and samuel l jackson. With some substance lacking that the original had. Worth a watch

  7.  Loki the dark world


    a great thor movie and much better than the first, this recent marvel flick has some great vfx and amazing acting coupled with extensive character development its an easy 5 star movie. for me personally Loki stole the show toms acting is incredible and has a cheeky draw to him.

  8.  Fall of Cybertron Rise of a Legacy


    this installment of high moons transformers blows all others outa the ball park base after the events during war for cybertron iacon is in ruins and the core of cybertron is dying as the autobots and decipticon wage war over the survival of there race and the planets core energon levels are depleting MUST BUY

  9.  Lives up to its title


    This Game definantly lives by the "amazing" in the title the game is based loosely after the events of the amazing spider man film (2012), the story ins tied in the curt connors' cross species research , the boss battles are not difficult (even in super hero mode) but they are enjoable and fun the cut scenes linking the game moments are lnfo MUST BY

  10.  Great figure great price


    i own a few hot toys and other 1/6th scale figures but for hot toys this is by far the best likeness , getting to PERs (parralell eye rolling system) jsut sweetens the deal with the amount of accessories you get you can expect the bigger price tag but for just under 200 you cant go wrong with this figure 100% must have