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  1.  Cult Classic SciFi


    It calls back a time when there were flowers all over the Earth... and there were valleys. And there were plains of tall green grass that you could lie down in - you could go to sleep in. And there were blue skies, and there was fresh air... and there were things growing all over the place, not just in some domed enclosures blasted some millions of miles out in to space.......................
    This film was ahead of its time in story, touching on global warming etc, only the Joan Baez songs date it but somehow and at the the same time they add a haunting charm to it. Cleverly made as well, as you would expect from Douglas Trumbull.

  2.  Brilliant season 2


    This was a great season with some outstanding episodes and the art style used for the animation is very nice indeed, yes its aimed at a younger audience but with Dave Filoni at the helm he is making sure this is going in the right direction and is actually quite dark in places story wise. I got to see some footage from season 3 a few months back while in the States and that was looking even better!
    On blu-ray this will look stunning, a must for any Star Wars fan.

  3.  Mario at his best!


    This is brilliant, easy at first and tricky as hell on the later levels, what a REAL video game should be, pure gameplay with genius level design.....a must!

  4.  A future cult classic


    Maybe not quite a masterpiece but in everyway a cult classic, it certainly deserves to be up there with other cult sci-fi like Blade Runner, 2001 ect, films people will revisit again and again and talk about for years to come. It is also possibly the most uncomercial blookbuster ever made, some will say its to long, some to violent, to complex to be popcorn entertainment but it wasnt made too please those whose thoughts cant stretch past a Big Mac and fries and its all the better for it!. The film its self is beautiful and has some moments of pure greatness, the sequence with Dr Manhattan on mars telling his sad tale is some of the best cinema ive seen in years. So whether you have seen it on not, do so if for nothing more than to experience such a unique film...
    Just like the graphic novel its based on it is something special!