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    ....to describe how awful this is!! I am a huge Bruce Willis fan but, I'm sorry, this is just bad! If I didn't have to give it one star I wouldn't give it any!! Seriously, fell asleep during this rubbish!! AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!



    Firstly, this review won't completely ruin the movie for you if you haven't seen it because there are no spoilers in my review (unlike someone elses) Iron Man 2 is a great follow up to the original movie with plenty for Marvel fans, like me, to enjoy! New character additions like Black Widow keep it fresh and War Machine looks awesome! Rourke plays convincing villain Whiplash and RDJ is great as usual. There are a few things in this movie I wouldn't have done personally speaking (mainly involving Stark himself) but still a good solid movie! Building up nicely for The Avengers! Keep it going Marvel! 4 stars based on my opinion that the first Iron Man movie is better! Great soundtrack too!

  3.  It Put A Smile On My Face!


    A modern day masterpiece! An absolutely brilliant vision realised by a truly brilliant director! Firstly, Ledger is brilliant as The Joker and well worthy of his Oscar. Bale is again brilliant as Batman and ofcourse Michael Caine as Alfred. My only problem with this movie is I CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT!! Is Nolans Batman the best the franchise has ever seen? WITHOUT DOUBT! There should be a sixth star for this review!

  4.  AT LAST...


    ...A GREAT COMIC BOOK TIE-IN! The Joker is running the show and only Batman can spoil his insane party. Take control of arguably the best comic book hero of all time in this fantastic game which has pleasantly surprised the critics. Punch kick and think your way through Arkham meeting famous villains who will stop at nothing to kill the Batman! I bought this on the day of release and could not stop playing it. Superbly put together and frighteningly addictive. Quite simply one of the best games on the PS3.



    AMAZING! BRILLIANT! TIMELESS! These movies are worthy of every accolade thrown at them. Two of the best animated movies ever made! Brilliantly cast and superbly animated! I would just like to give Jim Varney (Slinky) a special mention as he sadly passed away in February of 2000.



    Denzel Washington wanders through a post-apocalyptic America in possesion of a much sought after book. Gary Oldman plays the villainous small town boss obsessed with getting his hands on this book which he believes will give him great power. Washington must do all he can to protect the book and make the dangerous journey to his destination. Denzel oozes cool and Oldman is, as usual, brilliant. This is a really good movie which, I think, was harshly reviewed upon its release. It is far better than I expected and well worth a watch. Make what you will of the message put across in this movie but I don't think you will be disappointed. Have faith people.

  7.  The Crazzzz...ies!


    Ogden Marsh. A small town with big problems in this action/horror remake of the 1973 George Romero movie. The residents have seemingly lost all sanity and gone crazy (funnily enough) leaving Sheriff (Timothy Olyphant, Die Hard 4, Hitman) in a battle for survival with his pregnant wife. When the military turn up to 'deal' with the problem things take a turn for the worse and not even the sane people are safe. Pretty good movie but little to get excited about. Enough shocks and surprises to keep you interested but I never got the sense of real terror in this movie. Still a good watch.



    Having played the demo for this game, I immediately went back and played the first 2 GOW games (which are soon to be released on PS3) and found it very worthwhile. The 3rd game takes off from where GOW 2 ends and, immediately, you are thrown into the action. The opening sequence, which sees you clambering up the Titan, Gaia, and almost immediately facing a huge task straight away will leave you stunned. I wont go into plot details or spoil anything for you but, what I can tell you is, this game is EPIC! Kratos is a ruthless killing machine and does not back down from anything! Is he right? Is he wrong? You can decide for yourself. The game includes an array of great weapons, which you collect and upgrade during the game. It has great ideas, great graphics and flows beautifully. Those thinking it is purely a 'button basher', think again. I finished the game on Hard and, believe me, you need a bit of skill. I have since finished it again...TWICE, gaining all the trophies. If you want action, strategy, story and VENGEANCE, this ones for you.

  9.  Good Job


    Re: makem 1973. You dont need to worry about adapters for PC. Just buy the Play.com Mobile Card Reader. £5.49!! I t works with almost every card. Great.