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  1.  not the best remake


    this is the remake of the 1985 day of the dead by george a romero and it isnt a very good remake by far but as a seperate film its ok, nothing really spectacular happens, people get sick they turn to zombies, the zombies kill people, people kill zombies the film ends. dont expect much from this film if you decide to buy it. but i would reccomend buying the 2004 dawn of the dead which is a remake of the 1978 george a romeros dawn of the dead, that is a decent remake and has a better storyline.

  2.  could of been better


    im not gonna lie this is an ok film i quite enoyed it, its like cloverfield but with zombies, i respect that kind of film making because its very hard to get right and what i mean by that is make it feel like its being recorded on a camcorda yet capture everything that happens, they did that very well BUT! the charictors are so irrotating, especialy jason creed what a douche and the film ends rather quick and stupidly like as if they ran over there budget and had to cut it short. i like how this is also merged with survival of the dead at a point. i do reccomend giving this film a try even though its not everyones cup of tea but if you liked cloverfield then ull enjoy this.

  3.  decent and cheap


    just what i was looking for a cheap 16gb memorystick i could backup all my computers music and pictures on, the only teeny tiny problem i had which i think would of made it a 5 star would be that theres no hole to attach it to my keys.

  4.  isac is back!


    this game is awsome, its basicaly the same as the first dead space exept with more monsters (i dont know how to spell the reall name of them) that really change the way you think about how to kill something and a more solid story line with better gameplay mechanics and graphics. i am only 6 hours in and i am still having a blast the only problem i found is that later on in the game it starts to lose the fear factor which is what i expcted really as you get stronger and you gain more ammunition more freaquently further on in the game so you dont get worried as to wht is behind the next corner or whats through the next door. At 17.99 its a definate bargain

  5.  Great experiance


    i baught this game because i loved fallout 3, if you too loved fallout 3 this is a perfect game for you. this game is basicaly fallout 3 but in las vegas. there are still bugs and glitches like in fallout 3 but that still didnt ruin my expericance, the graphics are pretty much identical to fallout 3 as it uses the game engine, the map in my opinion is smaller but there are a tone more locations. karma doesnt really matter in this game but if u do get caught stealing then people will become hostile. overhall i think this is an amazing game that gives you an amazing experiance