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  1.  Best Sitcom ever? I think so


    I had always loved my name is Earl from watching it on TV, though I had missed the first series and quite a few episodes in the following ones. I got the box set hoping for it to be just as good as I remembered and to see those episodes I missed. I got a lot more than that. My Name is Earl has become my favourite sit com because of this boxset. Watching it all the way through was so enjoyable I can't do it justice in words. You will fall in love with every character and there are so many small but noticeable links between episodes spanning across all the series that give you such a great feeling when you pick up on them. The humour is sharp and could make pretty much anyone laugh out loud. When I had watched the last episode I was almost in tears with the thought of of it being over, so to cheer myself up I started it all over again and it was just as enjoyable as the first time. It's also worth adding that the full boxset is a huge bargain so please please buy this and enjoy one the most loveable TV shows ever made.

  2.  Brilliant


    Both Che Part 1 and 2 are brilliant, gripping and informative films. Both are must see films. Part 2 is arguably the better of the two and left me thinking afterwards, and I don't think I blinked for the last half an hour. Definitely worth buying both films just make sure you watch Part 1 first.

  3.  Gripping and Unforgettable


    Having not known much about Che Geuvara and hearing a lot of good reviews I had high hopes for Che being a informative and enjoyable film. I wasn't let down. Che is brilliantly acted and gripping throughout. After watching it I felt I had learned a lot aswell. This is a most see film and Part 2 may even be better. You really should watch both and make sure you watch them in the right order.

  4.  Couldn't be any better


    The first portal was a brilliant surprise hidden in the orange box. Without a doubt it stole the show and was always going to have a seqeul. Portal 2 had a lot to live up to especially since it was going to be sold on it's own this time. The only problem with Portal 1 was it was a bit short. Portal 2 certainly has this covered with a much longer campaign and a just as enjoyable (if not more so) split screen or online 2 player co-op mode. The puzzles themselves are a bit better and some new types of puzzles add some more variety. The story is brilliant and hilarious. I've never laughed out loud at a game intentionaly being funny before. Glados is just as funny as before and her voice is a lot clearer aswell and Stephen Merchant as new character Wheatley is absolutely brilliant. Those of you who remember the amazing song at the end of portal1 will be thrilled to know there are TWO equally amazing songs in portal 2 and the rest of the music is good throughout. This is a game for anyone who has a soul and has soared above all hopes and expections. You couldn't ask for any more.

  5.  How did this happen


    When I saw this had 2 and a half stars I felt compelled to write a review because its more than it deserves. Fifa Street 2 was a great game. With fifa street 3 they took every good aspect and dumped it to replace it with a borin and short form of a campaign mode and horrible graphics and design. I had hoped that some of the simple arcadey fun of FS2 would have remained but this game is just an insult and doesn't deserve to be called fifa street. If you want an arcade style football game get fifa street 2 and don't go near this. FS2 is better in every single way.

  6.  Another good review for a great game.


    There doesn't seem to be much I can add but this games so good I felt like I had to say something. This is simply one of the best games I have ever played I'd even go as far as saying it's the best third person shooter I have ever played (Gears of War included). Vanquish has such fast paced and just hugely enjoyable combat no-one could not love it. I think this is a game that will influence countless more in the future. It's a little short but the challenges aswell as some good achievements more than make up for it, especially for the great price (the only good thing about this game not selling very well). To sum it up, everyone who has any interest in shooters should buy this game.

  7.  My Favourite Game


    Deadly Premonition is like nothing I've played before. There are so many games like call of duty that offer nothing more than predictable storylines and graphics over gameplay. DP throws away everything most triple A games aim to create and makes one of the most imaginative, engrossing and loveable games ever. It has a brilliant story, interesting characters and so much charm you'd have to be souless or just ignorant to not love it. The fact that it's a budget game means that it's a great price and things like dated graphics can be so easily overlooked when you embrace the game's charming weirdness. Simply, every gamer owes it to themselves and rising star games to buy this.