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  1.  Brilliant!


    BUT!........I don't quite know how to put it but it didn't seem to have a spark in which the other games had? I found it hard to like Connor in some ways. The Main story wasnt a s long as it shouldve been but it was good but it wasnt spectacular as the trailers had shown, there was really only one big battle :/
    It was nice to get a real feel for Desmond. Yet to play the multiplayer but im sure i will like it. But yeah the franchise will always mean a lot to me.

  2.  MUST BUY!


    Firstly whats with all the companies on here selling it for ridiculous prices? lol, you wish!
    Anyway exceptionally brilliant masterpiece of a game, AMAZING campaign! Brilliant Multiplayer and Spartan Ops is really fun and different.
    Now stop reading and buy it already! (get it instead of Black Ops 2 if you have to choose)

  3.  Almost!


    The campaign was really good in my eyes, very interesting storyline with many twists and turns. Multiplayer, well, I don't know what Treyarch have done but it just dont feel right, it don't behave the way the first Black Ops did which I loved, it was my favourite multiplayer experience now with Black Ops 2 its completely ruined and im extremely upset by it to be honest. Zombies, well I cant really say anything about it because ive never really liked the zombie modes at all because i always had really rubbish team mates. it seems to be good.
    anyway i would give this 3.5 stars but i cant? I will probably try and get all campaign achievements then get rid of it.

  4.  Amazing indeed


    First of all for anyone who says its a "reboot" your'e wrong. The Amazing Spider-Man isn't Spider-Man, he's in a different Marvel Universe so you can't just say that this film is bad because it's an unneeded reboot because it isn't one! Anyway, absolutely brilliant film, the first person sequences are incredible! Would've loved to see them in 3D but unfortunately wasn't able to :( BUY IT!

  5.  Perfection!


    These need so much more publicity
    such an amazing album
    must buy!
    beautiful lyrics even though they're rather weird at times
    drown next to me is possibly one of the most beautiful songs ever
    great but also weird music
    the album is completely and utterly faultless
    what are you waiting for, you should've already clicked BUY before i've reached the end of this!