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    This film has been popular for ages. You see refrences made to it on tv programes you still see it on tv. It is very hard to avoid watching it. I loved this movie it is a pure sci-fi adventure. If you ask anyone who has seen the Matrix if they enjoyed it 9 out of 10 people would say they did and the one person who said they did not had there screen turned off and there volume on mute. it is impossible not to enjoy it. It is a thrill ride and has a very good plot to it. Makes you think if we are actually living in the real world. Who knows maybe the matrix is not fictional. Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne have done an amazing job. I could watch this over and over and the good thing is the whole trilogy is SIMPLY EPIC.

  2.  A Classic


    The old Planet Of The Apes trilogy is a classic. They are very different to the new movies. I did enjoy this film it is a typical old sci-fi. I did not enjoy it as much as the first movie but that is my opinion. When i watched the film i only enjoyed it because i enjoyed the other movies. So if you are interested in watching this movie only watch it if you like the others if you have not seen the others then give them a try. I think Don Taylor did a very good job on this and it would be something to see if this was remade.



    When i first saw the trailer i did want to watch the film but i was not expecting much. Since it was a marvel film i knew i would enjoy it but i did not think it would be good as some of there previous releases such as "Iron Man" and "Thor". When i went to watch it at the cinema it was just AMAZING. I never expected it to be that good, being a captain america fan i read alot of his comics and i didn't think a film of it would work out. But i thought wrong if you are looking for a cool, action packed and overall an amazing film then watch this. You will not be dissapointed.



    marvel have made some fantastic movies in the past and this is one i like the most. It has everything- ACTION, HUMOUR, AMAZING GRAPHICS AND IT IS BASED ON A COMIC. Like Marvel, like action, like a good film and you will like THOR!

  5.  very good


    I enjoed this marvel Animation alot but Ultimate Avengers is still my favourite. This is very action packed and is a very good superhero story so i was wondering is it on Blu-ray. If it is not it really should be.

  6.  Enjoyable


    another good action thriller from Jonny Deep. This is especially good on Blu-ray i enjoyed it alot and it is very good for home cinema and i do reccomend it to you.

  7.  THE BEST


    This is a series for everyone. Even if you only like chick flicks or sci-fi you would certainly enjoy this. it has comedy, action, romance and a brilliant story. You could watch them all and never get board of them. Give it a try on CBS action and when you enjoy it then buy this. I certainly reccomend it.



    I thought this film was INTERESTING. It obviously makes you think and at times it can be confusing. Some people that don't have the attention span would not have the patience to sit through the film. I enjoyed it but it was not as good as people say it was. For me it was not a five star but certainly a four star.

  9.  NOT BAD


    Makking a low budget superhero movie must be difficult. Especially with all these new ones in the cinemas night now. This film wasn't actually that bad. It had the classical comic book tale and it was the same story as the new film. It was made obviously alot diffrently. In some ways this film was very impresiv. If you like superhero movies and comic books you will certainly enjoy this. So it is worth a watch and if you love comic books you will very much enjoy this.

  10.  Best Superman Experince


    This movie was amazing when i saw it. The plot everything i love Superman as it is. Then in get it on Blu-ray and it was the best Superman experience ever.