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  1.  Great Headset


    It took a little while for me to actually seat the headset so that it as comfortable, but after that its been excellent.

    People have said that they can hear me clearer with this than the default wired.

  2.  PSP Version could NEVER be that good..and here's why.


    I have to admit that this review is mostly a bash at the psp hardware.
    However as GTPSP touts itself as a genuine GT game it must by definition be considered a driving simulator.

    I should say that im no stranger to racing games, ive been an ardent fan of Forza 2 and the GT series.

    The one problem with the PSP hardware that i have not seen anybody else comment on is the lack of analog function.

    The control stick is the only analog button on the device/
    So why is this a problem? Simple, you cant feather your throttle when your going round a bend.
    So you have the option of either clearing the bend with no throttle and waiting until you are absolutely straight before you hit the throttle, or you can attempt to use the the cars TCS, which is pretty much the only way you can limit throttle.

    Either way your driving or lap times suffer, I got through the whole of forza 2 without one touching abs, stability management or tcs, its an annoying that the hardware was just not given these functions.

    However, within the confines of the limited hardware the game is about as good as it can be.

    Alot of people dislike the directionless/careermode-less play.
    Personally i have to say i quite like this lol.
    as good as forza was it was incredible rigid in terms of options.

    But I cant get away from the fact that there are nice cars on this game that just handle like total cr** because of the hardware.

    The ONLY reason im continuing with it is so that i can hopefully put these cars in my future GT5 garage and finally get a proper driving eperience

  3.  Software sucks big time


    The most problematic thing with this package is the software;
    Firstly as a mac user i found it nearly impossible to reliably get music across to it.

    There is no specific software so you have to rely on the drag-and-drop method.
    This is fine except on my mac i cannot get the drive to unmount before it auto mounts, meaning i essentially have to pull it out when it says do not disconnect.

    However i do love the sound quality of the sony so i decided to migrate alot of music onto a laptop running vista.

    I recommend downloading the free software media monkey.

    Imo it is the only software worth using with the wm, you can pretty much kiss content transfer and media manager goodbye.

    As an mp3/iplayer player i cannot recommend it highly enough.
    Mac users beware though.



    Without doubt this has to be the finest match ever played, it also has the distinction of being the most successful crossover match to have ever been aired.

    I've never really looked forward to Wimbledon, I'm a clay court guy so Roland Garros is my tournament of choice.

    Over the past few years though Nadal has made me love grass as he originally did clay many years prior.

    I would recommend anyone who likes/loves tennis to buy this as you will not see a finer match for many years (unless next years final is even better!)

    Perfect, epic match/.

  5.  Stunning


    This is without doubt one of my all time fave albums
    So much has been said about her voice and style so frankly i can't see the point adding to it.
    All i'll say is if you are a Xtina fan you will have and love this album, if your not get it and listen to these tracks.

    Makes me wanna pray
    aint no other man
    Still Dirty
    Here To Stay
    Mercy On Me (one of the finest vocal performances of all time)

  6. Spirit


    Leona Lewis - CD

    8 New from  £3.44  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13



    Potentially one of the greatest female vocalists of her generation, approaching Christina Aguilera in ability in my opinion.
    She has been let down terribly by this sickly sweet album of ballads.
    I like the song Bleeding love (although i think elements of the production are rushed, in particular the percussion)
    And with this album if you like track 1 you will like every other track because they are essentially the same, just over compressed piano, soft boring melodies.

    Still i standby my comment, she is one of the best voices around, just for gods sake give her a real album next time!

  7. Blackout


    Britney Spears - CD

    13 New from  £2.85  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.15

     Edgy, hard and smooth.


    This album in my view represents the the final destination where Britney was headed with her album My Prerogative.
    All of the tracks on Blackout have a hard edgy feel much like the tracks My Prerogative, Having some fun.

    This style of production is essentially the basis of the album only taken a few steps forward.

    The lyrics do point to her recent behavior, whether this was pure serendipity or whether she acted that way in order to try and sell this album who knows, and who cares?
    Frankly i love Britney but before the whole shaving incident she was incredibly boring and one dimensional as a character, so on a human level i think she has become more real.
    Anyway i digress.
    For me the standout tracks on Blackout are.
    Break The Ice
    Perfect Lover
    Heaven On Earth.

    If you liked Toxic and the My Prerogative album then i recommend this album.
    If however you prefer classic Britney (baby one more time, oops i did it again , etc) then i would avoid this.