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  1.  Amaze


    IMO each game in this series is better and better. No exception. Game-play is brilliant, the story line is totally awesome and there is some longevity so you can spend plenty of time soaking up the excellent surroundings. Free-running through trees is brilliant!

  2.  This game aint half bad


    Average game, graphics are good and it is fun. The combat controls are easy to use and there are some combos so it does not feel like your just button bashing. There are some good additional elements like the "Cloud" which is basically this little disc you can float about on, unfortunately you can only use this in specific parts of the game. Game length is oook although I found the game a little too easy and so game play was shortened some what. Once you've completed this game there is not much more to do than trade in.

    I bought this game recently for 15 pounds, worth it at this price.

  3.  Is It Over Yet?


    Just a quick heads up, this film is booring. There's nothing in this film to really get you going and the acting is poor. Its quite slow to start as well, you have to wait too long for the lying to begin (in my opinion, I dont know why ive pointed this out as being my opinion as the whole review is just one massive opinion).

  4.  Great Game


    This game is the second best fps i have played. Great graphics. Great game play. Great ai. Great game. I cant belive its so cheap, i bought it when it came out and i think its worth £40 so for anything less its a steal. The graphics are amazing and there is a map editor, you can publish your maps online. Its quite hard in parts but thts not a bad thing right? So bottom line - buy it, buy it, buy it!

  5.  Great 2 Player Game


    I like a good 2 player game and this happens to be a good 2player game. The story and game play are both first-rate. As you complete missions you earn money which you can spend on new weapons or upgrading the weapons already owned. There are a couple of issues, the environment isn't very destructible. Overall a decent game. If you like 2 player co-op games then buy this, it's worth the money and I think you might have fun. 1 last thing, the online 2 player mode is great.

  6.  Only One Way From Here


    "Most Wanted" was amazing, "Carbon" was good but it lost its edge. Bought this game as soon as it was out. Big mistake! I dont know whats happend, I wanna say not much but then it must of taken quite a bit to ruin such a great series of games. NO ROME FREE. Loading times are long. Just not the same game. Graphics are ok.

  7.  Shocker


    This game is lame and I mean real lame. I love spider-man so I ignored the critics and bought it anyway. What a mistake, the graphics are poor and it has to load for everything. My advice is stay clear. The previous spider-man games when released where much better, the only reason I gave this any stars was because I got to swing through the streets of New York. nuf said.