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  1.  3rd and best in the Parasite Eve Series


    A few words to describe this game - Epic! Atmospheric! Totally Fantastic! Having been a fan of the series, I was expecting something great but wasn't expecting anything on this scale.

    The graphics are beautiful and cinematic in this game - the gameplay has an added dimension with new features like the Overdive which works great in battle. Also the sound is really well crafted - this game is really deep especially with a good set of earphones plugged in.

    Also with this special collectors package, you get some nice goodies which adds further value to the game - At this price the game on its own is great value but with the added artwork and content its a 'must buy'.

    This amazing game took me away from my new 3DS and brought me back to the PSP - its also the best game I have played so far in 2011 - and another reminder why PSP is the top handheld in Japan!

  2.  Final Fantasy - Not so Fantastical anymore


    I was really looking forward to this having followed and brought all the games in the series from the nes days to now -

    I loved the graphics but the gameplay has taken a unique twist from the previous final fantasy games in the series. Its very linear now - forget the exploration of the previous games in the series this one is like a souped up arcade battle game with continuous battles and running on rails type thing -

    I honestly think if this didnt have the final fantasy label on it - it would have got average reviews in a lot of places. Even though I feel the Final Fantasy series lost its charm somewhat after Final Fantasy 9 onwards, I felt the games at least stuck to the old final fantasy formula - ie towns, inns, shops and places to visit and buy things, side missions and quests as part of a massive adventure etc But this has none of those elements -

    In Final Fantasy 13 the shops and inns and hotels you once visited in an exciting Final Fantasy game have now been turned into a holographic gadget - a square type thing that appears from time to time but looks exactly the same - where you can save and buy and sell stuff - It just doesn't have that sense of epic scale and excitement anymore - it dont feel like a Final Fantasy.

    One good thing is the battle and customization aspect and thats about it - the game soon becomes boring after you realise there are only battles, battle after battle.

    And the graphics and animation are fantastic - but even then the gameplay doesnt live up to its looks and its previous series games.

    I am hoping Squaresoft will come back on track with the next Final Fantasy game.

    This one is only for strict Final Fantasy enthusiasts - once I complete it - Im not sure if I would come back to it like I do with my other Final Fantasy games.

  3.  Brilliant!


    Ok so this doesn't have the nail biting tension level of a classic thriller but it does have great drama in spades - And it also has a lot of style - A nicely shot film with some classic slo-mo scenes evident from the onset with the scenes of Guy Pearce diffusing the bomb at the start of the movie.

    This isn't Platoon or Full Metal Jacket but its a different type of film and Katherine Bigelow always adds something unique for every genre of film she works on, see her classic movies 'Near Dark' (Vampires/Wild West etc) and 'Point Break' (Cops/Surfers/Robbers).

    If you are looking for an edge of your seat thriller that keeps you on your toes then this is 'not' that movie - But if you want to see a movie with some nice drama, humour and action with a message about the current wars in the Middle East - This is your movie.

    By the way this is a rarety - As well as being a great war movie - up there with Full Metal Jacket - It is also one of the best 'proper' Iraq War movies out.

  4.  Not as good as T1 and T2 but much better than T4:Salvation


    This is not as bad as people make it out to be - It had the enormous task of following up Terminator 2 and the original classic The Terminator - so the only way it could have been as good was if James Cameron himself decided to write and/or direct this.

    But the film is an entertaining sequel - while inferior to the previous two movies - its still a thousand times better than the 4th movie Terminator Salvation.

    The performances are all good - And its a good addition to any action/sci fi collection. Jonathon Mostow made the masterful chase movie 'Breakdown' - so I was somewhat disappointed with the truck/car chase in this as it wasn't anywhere near as thrilling as Breakdown's numerous chase sequences.

    The movie is still good for its humour and performances - especially Nick Stahl who is another excellent John Connor (it's disappointing they didn't use him for Salvation - it may have improved that movie's chances of critical success.). Nick Stahl's performance of the future leader of the human resistance is very cool - mixed with humour, drama and action - its a full all round performance as good as Edward Furlong in T2 and much better than Christian Bale's limited performance in Termninator: Salvation.

    Also the new Terminator is very eye catching and has some neat scenes which reflect back to the first movie and the second in terms of their theme.

    Arnold is as good as ever - And manages to pull off another great performance of his most loved iconic character.

    This is a good movie - unfortunately its just not as brilliant a sequel as Terminator 2. Still highly recommended.

  5.  A great BluRay disc to own


    This one probably has the best render/print/quality of all the Terminator 2 discs I own (I own the US Region 1 DVD Special Limited Edition with Tin Case and Various UK editions) - Its similar to the American DVD I have with some features taken away and some new ones added for the BluRay.

    I did not get any of the extra loading delays some people have experienced (However I did play this through a new slim PS3 not a standard BluRay player).

    The quality of the image is superb - very limited grain and I cant recall seeing any digital artefacts either.

    Even though it contains the theatrical version and the 2 special editions - its still censored in some bits where there was blood and carnage (so even with the theatrical version it wont be the exact version you saw at the cinema which had more blood and bullet holes in it) but its worth buying for the beautiful sound and imagery and because its the definitive best edition out in the UK with the special edition and the ultimate editions contained all in Hi Def 1080p picture quality.

  6.  Cracking Thriller with Eye Candy


    If you are expecting a serious Silence of the Lambs thriller with brain fodder to boot then you will be disappointed - but if you are looking for a popcorn thriller with good quality performances and some nice cinematography then you can't go wrong with this - this is no Oscar winner, but its also not a bad movie -

    The chase sequences are pretty cracking stuff (the killer doesn't just walk around in slow motion like a 2 Dimensional Jason/Michael Myers type - This one runs fast with a thirst for bloody killing with a knife!).

    Kate Beckinsale is also better in this than she has been in a lot of movies - I would recommend this movie for people looking for a good horror thriller/chase movie.

  7. JCVD



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     Brilliant work


    One of Van Dammes best performances since his emotional work in AWOL - Truely it shows how under used an actor like Van Damme is - Maybe Van Damme can team up with this director again and give us another dynamite performance and a neat movie such as this. Watch out for the action-packed first scene - This isnt an action movie, its a drama - however the first scenes will be well worth it for action fans - the humour is top notch and Van Damme does some great scenes reflecting on his past life.

  8.  One of the best movie series' ever


    First Blood - A classic - Even though not as good as the novel - It was highly dramatic and excellent reflection on a warrior. Great performance from Sylvester Stallone, Brian Dennehe and Richard Crenna. It is also memorable for some great action sequences and stunts - particularly a motorbike chase sequence and a scene where Stallone jumps off a cliff-side and falling thousands of feet down, using an ingenious yet painful method to break his fall...

    Rambo - First Blood Part 2 - Probably the worst of the series in terms of story and acting (until number 4 came along that is) - yet probably one of the most influential movies of the 80s and highly enjoyable. It was the blue print of many action movies to follow. It has a memorable bad guy played by Steven Berkoff. This one is probably the most memorable and most loved of the sequels.

    Rambo 3 - This is spectacular - probably the largest scale Rambo sequel of the series - spectacular helicopter and tank battles, huge battle scenes, beautiful desert scenery and some great performances by Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna and Marc De Jong who plays a great Russian villain. This one is memorable for some humour and for being the best Rambo sequel out of the lot. Its also one of the most violent movies ever - with the highest body count of all the Rambo movies.

    Rambo - The fourth in the series is probably the most visualy bloody, unfortunately its also the weakest in terms of plot - Its nowhere near as thrilling as the 1st movie and not nearly as entertaining as the other sequels - yet it does have a gripping sense of danger and is extremely watchable due to the excellent performances of the cast members. The beginning of a new trilogy as the ending reveals and a great action movie (probably the best action movie of 2008 actually)...

    This box-set is amazing - First Blood and Rambo 3 are beautiful to behold on a 42 inch screen - The movies have a great soundtrack and are well worth repeated viewing.

    here is how I rate the movies:

    First Blood = 5

    Rambo: First Blood Part 2 = 4 Stars

    Rambo 3 = 5 stars

    Rambo = 3.5 stars

    As a collection it beats any other collection out there (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Evil Dead, Indiana Jones etc) - the Rambo series is surprisingly coherent and consistent and most importantly it is highly entertaining, remaining true to audience expectations and surpassing them.

    A must buy collection.

  9.  An excellent trilogy


    Ive been unimpressed with recent action movies - due to the lack of originality or elements such as acting and direction. This trilogy however shows a good progression of not only the characters in the stories but also of the skilled writer/director/film-maker involved in creating these stories -

    These movies are modern classics - not just because of the movies themselves but also because of story behind the creation of some of them - the original movie El Mariachi for instance is a great movie and legendary for its rags to riches production story.

    The movies get better and better with each sequel - so this trilogy is excellent value. This is definitely worth buying for any respected fan of westerns and action movies.

  10.  A great movie


    A great sequel but also a great movie in its own right. The special effects and stunts are mind boggling! Check out the motorbike/truck chase in the canal system - there are many bits in there which you wouldnt have even imagined to be special effects - but thats not the only thing that makes it so thrilling - Some of these scenes are amazing even without the effects ie The T1000 chasing John through the arcades, the bit where the T1000 throws the T800 through the shop window and the scene with Miles Dyson and the ticking bomb etc

    This is an amazing movie - worth more than the asking price here.