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  1.  Not bad....


    ....but the shirt itself is a LOT lighter in colour than the photos actually depict.Also I'm a large size normally and this does fit, but is very slightly slimmer than I'd expect.Also beware that the material itself is fairly thin and lightweight but obviously that won't be an issue to most people.Overall tho, not bad......not bad at all.

  2.  So.....


    So this boxset will contain the remaining episodes currently (at the time of writing this) being shown on tv and NOT the first 10 which are available in another set.Obviously a blatant cash in but a great sci-fi show all the same and hopefully these last episodes will wrap up the story line in a suitable manor.Personally,I'm going to hold out for the inevitable FULL season 4 boxset which will no doubt plummet in price to a more respectful sub £20 mark (I never paid more than £18 for the previous 3 boxsets of the earlier seasons).The show itself is worth probably 4.5 stars,but I only give it 3 because it's only half a season.

  3.  Nice,but.....


    Ordered this and the blue IceMan tops in Large having previously bought the original gray/brown Maverick hoodie.Upon delivery,I (as the other reviewer also mentioned) found that this top was a smaller size than expected.It was smaller than the blue one ordered at the same time and is only just about big enough to wear.Also the colouring isn't as vibrant as the photo shows but it's still ok.Just remember to buy a bigger size than you normally would.

  4.  Cool as....


    Having already bought the charcoal gray (a.k.a brown) Play.com exclusive Top Gun hoodie a few months ago,I couldn't resist ordering this and the black Viper tops to go with it.After a long time waiting for release,they finally arrived and I was (ever so) slightly dismayed to find that even though this top looks absolutely fantastic,it is a different make than the original gray one and is of a thinner material.Still a great top though and well worth the money.The Viper top however is a slightly different story.......

  5.  Not bad...


    As the title says,this isn't a bad little device with the only draw back being it feels a bit plasticy and the really quite slow transfer speed when writing to the drive.It's so slow in fact I had to check to see if it was actually a USB2.0 drive (it is according to the packaging).Was going to give 4 stars but knocked one off for being a tad disappointed with the speed.

  6.  So much potential


    Well with Silent Hunter probably being the definitive submarine sim on PC in recent years,it was with great expectation that Ubi Soft released the Pacific based Silent Hunter 4.Now the final product is on the shelves,it is with soul crushingly bitter disappointment that after "playing" the game for a few weeks,the outstanding feeling is this game was rushed to retail way before it was ready.There are features in the manual which clearly DO NOT function correctly in game (the chronometer radar and sonar functions immediately spring to mind-features which are critical in ANY submarine).Two patches later issued by Ubi did fix some of the many bugs and enabled extra graphical detail (which has to be said IS impressive),but many,MANY more were and still are preventing this title from being the killer title it deserves to be.Other major show stopping bugs are during the main campaign with the repetition of the missions and the regular forced retirement after 1 mission when accepting command of a new submarine no matter how successful your comabt patrols may be.
    This clearly is not acceptable and now that the much sought after 1.3 patch is now in doubt (users have to got VOTE and literally beg the developers on the Ubi forums),it is seemingly left to the modding community to fix the numerous problems Ubi Soft neglect to put right.This is a crying shame as the potential of the game is beyond words and if only Ubi would listen to the fans of the series then this title would surely be one of the top PC games in recent years.Personally,I think Ubi have inflicted severe damage on their reputation as a software publisher with the contempt shown towards the customers who supported them by purchasing this game and the whole sorry situation probably means the end of the Silent Hunter series.Just so much potential wasted.
    Overal,if you can overlook some of the glaring faults,ignore some of the missing features,bite your tongue when suffering the crash to desktop bugs,then you will see how good this game could be.I would have given this game a full 5 stars if it worked even 75% as well as it should do,but as it stands now,2 seems generous.Shame on you Ubi.