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  1.  Value For Money Stand


    Got this for a Logitech G27 wheel. It does a great job, but has some limitations. Firstly it is not totally rigid in use, especially if you use it on a carpet. As it is constructed on a single metal post that sits between your legs, this is not unexpected. However the amount of movement is relatively small and does not interfere with the games. Another small problem with the G27 is that it comes with a separate gear shifter. If you mount the wheel central on the stand, there is not enough room to mount the shifter. So you have to mount the wheel off to one side to allow room for the shifter. This means that your wheel ends up a little of centre when playing. You can't really just shift the whole stand over to one side as the central post prevents you from doing this. If you move it too far you end up catching you knee on it. You can't easily tilt either the wheel platform or the medal platform if the angles don't suit you. I have to use a thick book on the pedal stand to give me a more comfortable experience.

    With a G27 wheel and pedals mounted, the while thing weighs quite a bit. I can't leave it set up in position as I have my PS3 connected to my main TV. SO it's a bit of a chore, and a heavy-ish lift to set up and move away after use.

    Overall, I like this stand. It is not overly expensive and provides a good platform for a wheel, always bearing in mind that the heavier your wheel the more instability you might experience. However, my experience with the heavy G27 wheel is quite positive and the movement of the stand is not excessive.

  2.  Great Wheel - But Not Perfect.


    I bought this wheel for the PS3. The steering is very accurate and the pedals are very precise in the application of force. Only real complaints I have are - 1. The clutch and brake pedals seems too close together. If you have large feet it is easy to hit both pedals at once when you are trying to brake. - 2. You can't map the buttons to different settings if the game you are playing doesn't allow it. You have no internal setting for the buttons. For instance, you can't map any of the buttons when playing GT5. GT5 does not support the G27 and has no method for button mapping. - 3. The gear change paddles can't be used as accellerator and brake, as they are simple on/off switches. So if your game allows for button mapping, all you get is 100% acceleration or brake power. The paddles have no progressive application of force.

    The wheel is well built and feels very solid. You have to mount it on something firm. It does not come with any attachment for using on your lap.

    Overall a good wheel setup, but I don't feel able to give it 5 stars.