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  1.  Not impressed, it's a renter


    Was really looking forward to this when I heard about this but finally played the demo and I was very let down, it's just a hack and slash, it's no metal gear, bring back snake. To be honest the fighting is just crazy. Think am gonna wait till the new metal gear solid ground zeroes, that looks awesome. Basically I just think its a button basher, probably rent it or buy it cheap.



    First of all don't listen to anybody who wrote a bad review, as this game is hands down the one to have, ultimate multiplayer fun, spec ops, servival mode, campaign is awesome. a must have for all shooter fans, come on its call of duty, the modern warare series is never a let down. BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!

  3.  Can't Beat The Old PS3!!


    I have to say that this new mnodel loks nice but I have to dissagree, it doen not beat the original model, if your looking at gettinfg a ps3, you want the original 60gb as it has everyhting you ever need and it plays backwards too. the new ones has old style buttons and no glossy finish, it does not look the style, they have got rid of loads, like the usb slots and the memory card slots. No matter what its still better than the Xbox but if you have already got a ps3 then no need to change, if not, get a 60gb.

    Playstation all the way!

  4.  It's like gold dust!


    Well i finally got this game, its taken a while but got to say what a game, truly addictive and the amount of different puzzles and gripping story makes it all worth while. a must have for the DS. Finally a game worth shouting about, not a big fan of all these imagine games there are, the DS needs more games like this. looking forward to GTA on the DS too.

  5.  This is what the Playstation 3 was made for!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Can i just say OMG, this game is amazing, the graphics are incredible, its like watchin a CGI movie. the gameplay is excellent, i could not get off it last night, i just wanted to see what happened next, the moves you can do, the weapons, if ya get bored, by new ones, the equipment you have is awesome, come on, snake has an ipod, lol. This is a must have people , don't delay by now, with this awesome deal from play.com, this is a must have for playstation fans, i can't get over how good it is, i did a solid 6 hours last night and i will be back on today, i just cant stop, lol. Snake is back and he is as awesome as ever.