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  1.  Good game


    The game is good, and the graphics and sound are great, but the game is a tad repetitive...

  2.  Buy it!


    This game blew my mind, I really enjoyed it in every way! there are lots of content, story and missions! If you have bloodlines for the psp, you get extra weapons too!

  3.  Good Game - Worth it


    This game is very good, loved how they presented the villains, the graphics are excellent, and the combat is intuitive. A must have if you are a batman fan

  4.  Superb!!


    When I first bought this game, I wasn't expecting much, but the game totally blew my mind! I loved the story, the characters, the choices!! The graphics and combat are excellent, the sound is great, and the history is the best!

  5.  Good game


    The game is good, although I was expecting a litle more. The world mode is a plus, but the fact you can't use the alternate costumes in story mode makes me sad XD if you like final fantasy and you like fighting games, is a game you must try!

  6.  Loved this one!!


    Soooo loved this game!! The multiplayer is very fun, also! Tottally recommend!

  7.  Good Game - Worth it


    Very good game, absolutely worth it!! The graphics and story are superb!

  8.  Average


    I loved Kingdom hearts I and II, and this one has it all for me to enjoy, but I don't know why, It just didn't feel the same.... maybe it's because you have to go through the game 3 times, one for each character, but i got bored of this game really fast.... never ended the second character.... but the graphics, combat and menus are well designed.
    ....Maybe I just miss the old characters XD

  9.  The best!


    I just love this movie, and in HD, and with extras, even better! There is no way this movie could be even better, it has it all! and seeing your favourite characters on screen, it's really quite something. The score is all there also, and the extra content, develops further on the history.

  10.  Awsome


    Awsome game: great graphics, very good story and gameplay. Customisation is easy and fun, and the game is challenging. I recommend.