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  1.  What....a.....game!!


    Best game of it's type ever, utterly absorbing and puts the formulaic CoD and MW games to shame. Like everyone else I am several hours in and have only scratched the surface. The amount of freedom to roam and select main quests or engaging side quests is a breath of fresh air. The graphics are excellent considering the side of the game and I will admit it is a wee bit glitchy in places especially when re spawning after being killed but it is minor and these issues should be resolved with a patch and don't detract from the gaming experience. Overall a definite must by game for anyone even if you have never played this type before...you will not be disappointed.

  2.  Same Old Same Old


    Here we go again..same old issues as with most COD games, the shot detection is awful. Thought black Ops was bad but this is worse, Snipers shoot somewhere in your direction and you die, you get shot round corners or shoot someone right in front of you in the face and they run on and knife you. The game however is fast and frantic and the selection of guns are ok so not all bad. But i think its time the COD franchise was overhauled and not just a yearly churn out like FIFA etc...

  3.  Not great but stll very addictive...


    I'll just speak about multiplayer as that what everyone plays...Treyarch seem to have resolved a lot o fthe server issues which plagued the game on release, but they really need to sort the gun/hit mechanics. I mean i was shooting at someone with the Galil and could hear the bullets hit 5-6 times and the person didn't die and returned fire with an uzi from half a map away and killed me with two hits which on the kill cam hit my knee and a wall !! Also i noted someone at level 8 was running around with a Commando gun with camouflage ?! don't get that until level 42, i fear the hackers are getting in. But overall it is still very addictive and still the best currently on the market.

  4.  Game of the year....not really !!


    Yes the campaign is good, sharp graphics, smoother play but the gun mechanics are terrible. You can shoot entire clips into the Helghast and they just keep coming, online is similar you can't tell who the enemy are, you shoot forever and nobody dies, the format of classes, weapons is confusing and maps are boring and not enough of them. COD Black OPS his head and shoulders above this and i will be returning to it straight away and trading Killzone in and wait for Homefront to come out..6/10