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  1.  Possibly the best of the series


    Though "The Surgeon" was a fantastic first in the Rizzoli & Isles series, "Body Double" has to be the most original and quite remarkable of all Gerritsen's novels. Yes, there are far too many twists but it is amazing at how the story unfolds and keeps changing direction, making this very unpredictable and enticisng. I reccomend not only this book, but the entire series.

  2.  The best Wii game....might just be!


    If you enjoyed Donkey Kong Country on the SNES then you'll love this. It's a similar, updated and tweeked version of the classic with improved graphics, better game play and much more to do. The story is similar and as you go through the 8 different worlds, all of which have 6 levels, a boss and a bonus level, you'll have to improve your skill and gather hundreds of bananas, KONG letters and puzzle pieces and to add to the vastness of the game, it has a time challenge for each level.

    The improvement not only comes in the form of graphics but moves and added upgrades such as riding barrells through the sky. It's a complexed yet enjoyable game that brings back Rambi the Rhino and mine karts.

    I've not played Mario Galaxy 2 yet (which i hear is awesome) but in my opinion, this game has everything and it's huge. Plenty of hours of fun ahead of you. Nostalgic yet new. Go ahead, you will not be disappointed.

  3.  Surpisingly surprised


    Before the film even hit the cinema's it was slandered. Guy Ritchie doing Sherlock Holmes? This cannot be. However, for all the doubters (me included) I have to admit this is a wonderful film in almost all aspects.

    It's unlike anything Ritchie has directed before, with a big budget and lots of quirky one liners. Apart from the script being extremely witty, we have the very underated Downey Jnr portraying the title character to a tee. Add a very creepy, quite surreal story and a more than capable Jude Law and you've got yourself a very entertaining, if a little silly in places, enjoyable film.

    Give it a go, it's enjoyable to say the least

  4.  Awesome!


    Okay, being 30 and a guy, I have to admit I cannot understand or believe that I like this. In fact, I love this show. It's sexy, smart, enticing and has some brilliant characters. Kevin Williamson has done a great job to bring this series to life and what a wonderful cast. Ian Somerhalder is awesome as Damon and Nina Dobrev is fantastic as both the innocent yet fiesty Elena and the gorgeously evil Katherine. Add Bonnie, Caroline, Stefan (of course) and even Tyler to the mix and you've got a great show. However, Anna we miss you already. Bring on Season 2.

  5.  Much better but still...


    Having read Twilight because the film was coming out, I did the same for New Moon. The previous two books were good but nothing special.

    Eclipse is far more exciting, with more history, tension, and lots of romance, but as a guy, i have to admit, it's a bit sickly. I understand that Edward loves Bella and Jacob is in the mix but I think Bella needs a slap and wake up a bit. Yes, she's the quiet I-don't-want-a-birthday-gift type but still, come on...

    The story however is good and the historical insight involving Rosalie and Jasper are very interesting. The end sequence is good too when the Seattle killers show up.

    However, despite this being the best book so far, it still lacks something that i hope Breaking dawn can fulfiill. An enjoyable read nonetheless, this is still recommended and will keep you gripped despite the mushy love bits that are repeated through its chapters.

  6.  Gets better and better


    When I first bought this I hated it. It felt wrong, looked wrong and didn't play well, but being a Street Fighter 2 fan, I gave this time and it blew me away.

    Each character has been developed perfectly, with agility, strength and speed accurately based on the fighters style. The Super combos are great but the ultra's are excellent (Chun-li's and Fei Long's amongst the best)

    With hidden characters to unlock, a crazy boss to fight, unique challenge modes to help enhance your fighting ability and also to release numerous colours, this game has to be the best fighting game in a long time.

    The story modes are okay, with manga style cuts, though these aren't excellent and the deletion of both bonus rounds and characters unique stages is a let down but online mode makes up for that and of course, two player battles are never dull.

    Give it a chance and it will really impress you. The more you play this, the better it gets.

    Looking forward to Super Street Fighter 4, with at least 8 additional characters!!!!

  7.  Twists Galore!!!


    Recently, Abbas-Mustan have given us terrible films (Naqaab, 36 China Town) but we remember them for their classics (Baazigar, Khiladi, Ajnabee). Thankfully, Race lives up to their positive movies and this is probably one of their best films ever. Probably.

    The film starts with a bang and finishes with one too. The songs are very catchy, the girls look fantastic and Saif is cool too. However, it is Akshaye Khanna who does the best job and the cameo by Johnny Lever is excellent.

    Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy are a little OTT but with the story going in so many unforseen directions, you will be glued to your seat.

  8.  So Original


    Okay, I admit, I have been a Nintendo fan for a long time. But I wasn't impressed with the Game Cube. It was all Ps2 for me. But Nintendo have certainly raised the bar and obviously competing with X Box 360 and the PS3. So the Wii is never gonna compete for serious play with the other two but for fun, enjoyability, originality and family involvement, the Wii will reign supreme.

    Wii sports is a fun package but if you can get games such as Mario/Sonic Olympics and Mario Kart Wii, plus others, you'll have hours of fun. The Wii remote and nunchuks make for strangely enjoyable game play and the Wii Fit is revolutionary. You can have fun, deal with multi tasks and nearly all the games make for a good workout.

    Definitely recommended!!!!

  9.  What a variety!!!!


    Mario and Sonic, two of the most well known characters of the gaming world combine at the Beijing Olympics. And what a combination this is!

    Skill, speed, power and lots of stamina is required to unlock events, battle it out with teams and break new records. Two or more player mode is excellent and never gets boring but you have to master this game with the one player mode so you can unlock events, win crowns and trophies and master each action for different events.

    It's a great family game and is fun to say the least. You'll love this and to top it off, you have mini games and nostalgic mario and sonic music to take you back those years when the Mega Drive and Nintendo consoles were the cream of the crop.

    Excellent idea, fantastic fun and a brilliant game. A must buy for all ages!

  10.  Long Awaited


    Season One and Two were awesome. With some funny references to other series such as Buffy yet at the same time the stories were intense, spooky and very interesting. This is going to be a great season!