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  1. SSX



    7 New from  £11.84  Free delivery

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     Well done EA,Best game in years!!!!


    The SSX series was always fun to play great graphics and good soundtrack, i had very high expectations about this,but was waiting for the usual " oh EA they've ruined it,nothing like the original" BUT not this time!! SSX goes back to its roots,its like SSX Tricky madness and a scale of SSX 3,on next gen! So much more to do,unlockable gear such as wingsuits,oxy tanks,ice picks..... Over 150 tracks to race,trick... Superb modern soundtrack especially if like me u like some great beats to carve up the mountain. Great online features and the control scheme actually works! theres also an option for classic controls if like me you are an SSX old school veteran :)
    All in all SSX is and uber awesome game easily 10/10 click that buy button you wont be dissapointed, again well done EA

  2.  very good....but


    i bought these the other day, as usual quick delivery from play thanks again :) the sound quality is very good like most of the reviews are saying, my only disappointment is the ear fittings , im either doing something wrong cos they WONT stay in and the curly wire as said from the other guy ,yeh its pretty annoying! i after a day was ready to buy some more that actually fit my ears lol but with a bit of patience i think im getting there, had i not had problems at first these would be an easy 5 stars!!

  3.  Superb!!!!


    This game has got to be the best PS3 game out there,gripping storyline,amazing graphics,added bits of humor and at last an online option which is great no lag and plenty of modes to keep you going for a while. so far ive put 9 and half hours into the story mode and 5 online and its still going!! (btw that was in the first sitting) Its one of them thats very difficult to put down.
    TRUST ME BUY THIS GAME!!!!!! MGS was good but this is just amazing!! 10/10 5*****

  4.  easy


    Msg to guy below just copy your saves via system settings copy your saves that way and your gamertag simple hope i can be of some help

  5.  I expected better for nfs


    Right dont get me wrong this is an ok game,but..... It has so many glitchy bits
    - 1 - Screen lag (seems to have a graphical lag problem at faster speeds
    - 2 - The general graphics are quite poor to say its ment to be next gen!!
    - 3 - You get just into a new game and it crashes i.e system restart needed! This happened 5 times in half an hour!!!!
    Best way i find just install to your hdd its only 5gb!!
    Saying that it doesnt stop the lag issue.
    I have lost all faith in ea years back they used to be a great developer but they just rush things out now without a care who buys it!!

    All things said its average, thinking now i should of rented!!

  6.  A must buy!!!!


    This has got to be the best game i have ever played for the main reason you can do literally anything that you can think of. Its so original i got it this morning and just switched it off nearly 12 hours later!! The fact you can download and use other peoples creations is great(gives you ideas) i haven't done any co-op but there is plenty of places to explore when you have someone else in with you.
    Well done sony i was starting to lose confidence in you!!!!!
    Buy it buy it buy it buy it!!!!!!!

  7.  All i can say is wow!!!


    I'd been playing GH2 for quite a while brilliant game thought to myself can it get much better?? then months later GH3 i got on release best pre-order ive done,like most of the reviews i have read i can much agree,this is the version for me the wireless guitar is fantastic,took me a while to get used to the new shape...but Rocking now!!
    Very good selection of songs 1 player and even the new co-op career. If you are new to Guitar Hero like i once was.....BUY IT trust me u'll have hours and hours and hours of fun,it may be £65 but u'll be playing it for months to come.
    One more thing.... get the practice in cos Rock Band will be here soon :)