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  1.  Demo plagued with connection problems


    I can only comment on the demo but my experiences of it are mixed. On the positive side, the game is a great. It's hectic, frightening and atmospheric, the characters all have their own voices and there's some nice interactions between them in the gameplay.

    On the negative side, connecting with on-line coop games is an absolutely dreadful experience for many. There is no server browser without fiddling in the Console and even then it doesn't list all available servers. Even trying to connect to established games and lobbies is a fraught experience, with connections timing out and server searches failing altogether. The worst thing is that the failures are completely inconsistent, making troubleshooting virtually impossible.

    It's a real shame as the actual game is a lot of fun. Hopefully the connection issues will be dealt with by the time the full game is released, but my advice would be to wait until it has been released for a week or so and check the press for the state of the game.

  2.  A hidden treasure you just have to discover for youself


    What a great game! Great characters, great gameplay, a wacky, wacky world full of subtle detail and clever ideas. Created by Tim Schafer, the man behind Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle, Psychonauts deserves to be a classic but, alas, it seems to be doomed to obscurity.

    If you fancy an accessible 3d platformer with a ton of personality and loads of laughs along the way buy this, it's got all of that and more. It is 2 years old now but the graphics are perfectly executed with design that more than makes up for their age.

    The story blends seamlessly with the gameplay, so much so that you often feel like you're playing a Pixar movie, complete with the same quality of characters, action and storyline that you'd expect in one.

    A marvellous, fantastic, wonderful game that you won't regret buying at any price, let alone the fiver Play are asking. Five thumbs up, way up!