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  1.  I AGREE, This figure is one of the best!!


    This figure is about the size of an action man, and is very detailed. It comes with a covie beam rifle(in pic) an SMG and 2 grenades (plasma and frag), basically it comes with all the rare weapons. It actually comes in cyan but has 3 different colour variations (on legs and arms, yellow in pic)which i think are white, yellow and red. Its also a damn good price i got mine for about ten pounds so this is definately worth it!!!!

  2.  Halo figures rock!!!


    These figures are a lot better than the picture shows, I have loads including this one. They are about action man size so worth the money. They are packaged a bit dodgy so if you open it you can't put it back(is stuck to a card). Iv'e opened mine and glad to you can appriciate them a lot more. This one actually comes with an energy sword and a covie carbine.
    I bought mine for about a tenna so this is soooooo worth it. BUY IT!!!!

  3.  This is a great addition to prophecies.


    What i like about factions is that it progresses faster and you have new characters to choose from. It still has a great PVP mode which is fun. Would recommend this game to anyone.

  4.  i really likethis game


    When I got this game I got really into it, its a lot of fun bt does need commitment due to its really long story line. I think its a great MMO better than WOW, and has great a PVP mode so you can play other people around the world.

  5.  This is a decent game for the PSP.


    I love this game for the PSP the fighting in it different to say tekken with the ability to fly and special attacks it is really interesting. Although the gameplay is rather repetitive even in the story mode , thats why I would recommend shin Budokai 2.

  6.  I want it!!


    What first looks the sameas Budokai 1 number 2 has what looks to be an adventure mode and team based fighting. Thats what makes it look that much better. I WANT IT!!

  7.  Flippin good!!


    I always loved the tekken series and this a supurb addition to it. It is such a fun game. Playing against your friends is made easier with all charcters available in gameshare mode unlike other games where your given set characters or a limited choice. It also has great graphics for the PSP and with great gameplay and at this price where could you go wrong, BUY IT.

  8.  Really fun


    Continuing the quest Sir dan fortesque this game delivers fun gameplay to all ages. Ive always like the medievil games and this is a good addition to the PSP, would recommend buying it.

  9.  MAN!!!


    This game is sooo good i love it. Play need to get it back in stock and when it is buy it!!
    When I first got it (which was ages ago) i played non-stop for sooo long. unlocking the characters is a great feature and the multiplayer/arcade mode gives it and unlimited agmeplay value its BRILLIANT!!!

  10.  A brill game


    This game is really good and has such a diverse and wide world to explore, it has the best graphics for an RPG yet.
    Although it does ned a bit of dedication to play so save your money until the summer holidays. But is still is a really good game.