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  1.  Bargain storage.


    Superb and works a treat! Great for movies and plugging straight into a media player connected to the telly,absolute bargain as well.

  2.  Bargain again from Play!


    .....worth it for the dvd alone at this price.Music is stunning as well of course! Go for it.

  3.  Unlimited storage at a bargain price.


    Recieved my WD drive on Sunday night at 21.20,so a big thanks to Play and Royal Mail for getting it to me in these weather conditions!
    Firstly I am not techy in the least, this is a plug and go device and I had it up and running in minutes transfering thousands of music files onto the drive with no problems,its a doddle.I have free'd up loads of space on my laptop.One tiny wee niggle,the flashing indicator light is at the back of the drive with the cabling,why not on the blank front?Anyway that is minor,the drive plays the music back superbly via my laptop and Cambridge DacMagic.

  4.  Stunning and a Bargain!


    Fabulous album and package this de-luxe version.The sound quality is just amazing,probably the best de-luxe cd I have heard yet.The whole package is 5 star and at Plays price a must have.

  5.  The best,best of there is!


    For six quid you cannot go wrong,not a bad track on this greatest hits album.Contains what is probably the best two rock tracks of all time,"Heart of Gold" and "Only Love Will Break You'r Heart",as another reviewer says,if you only have one Big Neil album,it might as well be this one,you just gotta 'ave it!

  6.  Bargain alert!


    This is one hell of a show!A firm favourite of ours,its got it all.Never mind the crackin' venue,just check out the audio and the multi camera angle's.4.99?? You are kiddin'! I have had this since it came out....just get it!

  7.  Fantastic show


    Even if you are not a huge Elton fan,this show will blow you away.
    Needless to say the audio and visual impact are top notch.The venue is out of this world and presented to both the live crowd and the dvd watcher,with fabulous high quality backdrops.Stunning!

  8.  Fantastic,stunning show!


    Would never have considered buying this Blu Ray,but received it as a gift at Xmas.What can I say? Simply, this is one of the best music dvds of any type I have watched,the musicians are top notch and ply their trade like the true artisans that they are.The audio is sublime as is the picture quality as you would expect on BD is awesome.
    Highly recommended.

  9.  Great entertainment


    This film is stunning,especially on blu-ray.Alright the story is a bit naff and obvious,but most remakes of old classics are.Strange role for Reeves at this point in his career,you would expect him to be doing something a bit more challenging,but hey,the effects,both sonically and visually are so good.I watched it on a new Sony blu-ray and through a good quality 2 channel stereo,highly entertaining and great fun!

  10.  Fabulous music


    Just got this cd yesterday,could not wait to hear it.If like me you are a long time fan,this album will not dissapoint.More ambient than the last couple of albums but still has its moments,loud moments that is! Fabulous soundscapes on every track,huge soundstage on the production [could possibly be the best for audio quality yet] outstanding tracksare Oddweird ,San Pedro and the title track Yum Yum Tree.Stunning!