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  1.  Oblivion (With UltraViolet) Blu Ray


    Total Rubbish very Bad Acting bad Directing the story was Narrated by cruze, he can't really tell a story, could not wait till it ended, I had the Blu Ray as a present, wish it went back now waited and got the one DVD that I wanted, think I will sell it for a couple of pound if, I'm lucky if I could have given lower than one star or Rotten Tomatoes not even good enough for that.,
    Don't spend money on it it's not worth it

  2.  STRAW DOGS 2011 POINTLESS ok just to compair Can't beat 1ST


    What a wast of time it is so near the origanal its is pointless, The cast is ok if you are a mvie buff maybe you like remakes, but this was pointless
    more atmesfear in the first one with a Great Cast
    Susan George
    Dustin Hoffman
    and the Fab Sally Thomsett
    any many great English actors.
    why would they try and make a film that is so good that it is ageless
    they even put in a Classic English Car E Type Jag this time, I think it was a MG in the origanal,
    if you just want to see a Great fim watch the origanal that is is better. by FAR.a classic that will never age think set in Yorkshire England which seems right but i grew up with the first and love Susan and Sally the Georgess

  3.  W@W What a film well recomended


    The only thing wrong with the film it was not Long enough only 1 hour 38 mins, so good It went to fast, I did not know what I ordered at first as I was just looking for a few cheap films as sky is so pricey we get the cheap films instead, well I did not know how good this would be,
    I nearly did not get it as the Vampire movie I thought had done its inning for me use to watch them all the time but this film was so far more Great hoping for the next but they are talking about a prequel which I have only ever found one that worked that was ,Hannibal Rising silance of the Lambs.
    Anyhow we will see. Tony GO and Buy it.

  4.  MY FAMILY SERIES 10 back at the Top


    I thought this series should have finnished a few years ago,
    But for some reason this series has gone from bad to Top again the last one I saw which was mainly Ben looking after an older gent was Great we were in stiches, I think they must have a new wrighter and production crew,you just have to see it.

  5.  Recomended stick got this last week does WHAT IT SAYS GREAT


    Never had one of these before never used one before so easy to do what it says on the box even though you dont get one, never got a key chain, but i got 20 films on it with space for a few video songs, you just drag and drop from your coputer then you can plug into to your usb box for your tv and watch on tv and to me the qulity you get it just like hd or blue ray, great i am going to get 2 more.

    Highly recomended thanx will ask for a key chain, tony