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  1.  Fantastic action/sci-fi film! Essential viewing


    This film showing a day in the life of Dredd and new female 'rookie' partner is amazing! The film starts off with a brilliant bike and car chase and quickly moves the action to a Mega Tower block full of gang members. Unlike the 'crap' Punisher, Ghost Rider films - the dialogue scenes moves the action along at a great pace. If you like Mad Max 2, Robocop, Blade, Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, the Raid - then you will love this film. Good use of 3D. Please tell your friends to watch this film - otherwise we will never get to see Dredd 2 (set in Cursed Earth) and Dredd 3 (featuring Judge Death and the Dark Judges) !

  2.  Fantastic ! Classy - dance/pop album


    The 4th album is easily her best yet - fantastic production. It is nice to see her collaborate with Calvin Harris and Richard X and have some proper dance tracks along with her classy 'clever' pop songs. Well worth buying ! She is great 'live' as well.

  3.  Fantastic - Far East action meets the Wild West !


    Don't be put off by the lame trailer - it does not show what a great gem of film this is. They should sack the marketing dept. This film is well worth watching...if you are a fan of samuari/martial arts film, this should be an 'instant' buy. The mix with the Wild West is a great idea and Kate Bosworth is fab. Action scenes are well done -even with the CGI touches..

  4.  Fantastic anime,,,stunning, easily accessible for newbies!


    I have just finished watching the Series1, Part 1 DVDs. I am very impressed by the animation, fast pace, comedy as well as scary atmosphere in a few scenes,

    If you love Bleach or Full Metal Alchemist ... then you will enjoy this series as well. Buy it now !

  5.  Stunning anime, jaw-dropping actions scenes and a fab story!


    I have the DVD and plan to buy the Blu-Ray too!

    The animation is first rate, it has a fantastic story about a lone swordsman out for redemption, trying to protect a kid. The sword fights, action scenes are fantastic and the whole film moves at a fast pace.

    This is my favourite anime movie - yep, even better than Blood: Last Vampire, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scrolls or Akira !

  6.  Stunning - "the Ring" meets "Heat"


    Yep - believe ALL the hype! This is a brilliant supernatural series with gripping thriller elements. It also reminds me of Michael Mann's "Heat" with the face off between Light and L.

    A great introduction to anime, newbies should also try Cowboy BeBop (the series), Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach.

  7.  Fun cartoon- great intro to DC Heroes!


    I have been watching the series on Cartoon Network - it is great watching Batman team up with different guest stars including Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Red Tornado etc. Yep, it is NOT the "dark, brooding" version of Batman but I think it is a nice change and fun kids cartoon.

  8.  One of the best anime series... Buy it now!


    Don't be put off by the Cowboy Bebop film - as the TV series has a much faster pace with great storytelling and action sequences. If you enjoyed "Firefly" or the film "Serenity" - then you will love this anime.

    Along with Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach - this is a good anime intro for western/european audiences.

  9.  Stunning ...Ninja Scrolls meets X-Men & Mortal Kombat !


    This is a fantastic anime series with jaw dropping action scenes. Story is about two ninja clans who have to battle it out - using their special powers! It will keep you hooked - guessing what secret power each ninja has and you feel sad when characters gets killed.

    Along with Full Metal Alchemist, Burst Angel, Cowboy Bebop - this is excellent introduction to the world of anime. Buy it now !!!

  10.  This is the newer version - not the VHS version


    The previous reviewer seems confused that this is a release of the older Guyer anime that was released years ago on VHS. From the cover art, this is simply a collection of the more recent anime. The storyline is good - but I found the last 2 episodes were a bit disappointing. Like the VHS version - this is an adaptation of the manga.