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  1.  Electric Warrior is the Founding moment of GlamRock


    It can't be overstated how important this album is in the History of Music - The Beatles Paul McCartney was hailing T.REX as better than them!, Ringo Starr had become friends with Marc Bolan and would go on to play with T.REX on more than one occasion as Marc would play on his records - for me when I first heard "Get it On" I could not know that 40 Years later I'd still be playing it regularly - Noel Gallagher stated that "Cigarettes and Alcohol" (Oasis) was basically "Get it On" re done, so many artists owe so much to Marc and this album in particular - If I could only Own One album from the '70s it would be this Album

  2.  Ideal for music lovers


    The Ipod Classic lets you take most, if not all your, CD/Record collection with you wherever you go - I only use mine for Music and I have all 700 of my CD's filling about half the space on my Ipod music reproduction is excellent - I've owned mine for about 18 Months (Dec 2009) and it's easily paid for itself - I'm thinking of buying another - mine has got a bit scratched because I've never protected it but to be honest this doesn't bother or concern me - I bought an accessory from Harmon Kardon which lets me play the music through my VAN Radio system great for long journeys

  3.  Best Steve Hillage Album and highly underated


    I was recently listening to Madonna's "confessions on the dance floor" album and at one point I commented this is just like Steve Hillage - This album "Motivation Radio" is the dogs B....cks it's a story album - each track is uniquely different but ultimately fantastic - it's a wild roller-coaster of sound that rocks along - electronic weirdness - mind games - male and female vocal and Steve's racing Guitar - buy it - one this version it don't fade away when it does on the original because you have all these bonus tracks (I may have to buy it again) :)

  4.  I liked it :)


    I really enjoyed the film - pure fantasy of course - mild horror - but my 11 year old son thought it was fantastic - great effects - good story and a good overal film - I actually think the details of the comic book had to be thinned out to keep the film moving but I'm looking forward to owning the Video and watching it a few more times the extra play time I hope will make the video even better than the cinema release (Daredevil was definately improved by the directors cut)