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Product Reviews

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  1.  Kingston Superior Flash Drive


    Brilliant! Fast read/write speeds and quality product

    Bought after having a different 16 gig drive that would not work on my 64 bit windows 7 laptop. This one works very well and does what a flash drive should. Well worth the money.

  2.  Not quite what we thought it was!


    My son bought one of these. Whne it arrived he unpacked it and I was amazed by all the components that come with it. Everything charged on these, either has to be put into some kind of adapter case to receive the charge or be plugged into one of the many plug sockets on the charger mat with a lead provided in the box. Yes it does save on the amount of AC sockets you now need but it is no more easier than the conventional method of recharging your devices and in some instances probably more hassle! An OK device but wireless charging? Yes and no is my overall opinion. In summary if you need to save wall sockets then buy this otherwise stay as you are and save some pennies.

  3.  Cheapest there is! Great Discs


    I buy these all the time from Play.com, as the high street and retail park sellers rarely hold stock of lightscribe discs. These are brilliant and do what they say they do. Verbatim are quality discs and to find them in a 25 spindle pack is unheard of. An absolute bargain. If you are after lightscribe DVD's then what are you waiting for man! Buy these!

  4.  Brilliant In Ear Headphones - A must to have!


    Having bought a pair of mdr-xb20ex's mainly for the gym, being so impressed with them, I thought I would get some of the bigger and better ones. The mdr-xb40ex's, although more expensive they do deliver a louder punch and are certainly a more powerful pair of head phones, which I will not be using at the gym but saving them for every day commuter use on the train listening to metal on my iPod. The phones are really comfy, have equal length cords, if that's an issue for you as it is for me. I can't stand the one long and one short cord types! The cord is also long enough with out being too long and it is in the non tangle type of flat cord that does work! Add to all that the gold jack connector, carry case which is supplied with these and the lovely design and you have a very nice looking and technically astute pair of head phones competently banging out the tunes you love. Great work from Sony and all together a good all round pair of phones. Thinking of buying Bose or Monster? Don't! In comparison these are every bit as good as those and an awful lot cheaper.

  5.  Totally Awesome In Ear Headphones


    I have used lots of other headphones for my ipod nano and shuffle players including others by Sony, UE, Sennheiser, jvc, bose and these are the best by far. Look great and so comfortable in ear. On the Tube, in the gym and generally out and about they sound great no matter what you are up to. So forget the rest as these are by far the best ones I have ever purchsed, totally fantastic, bassy to etreme and Slipknot have never sounded this good on iPod before. Clear and with any other noises apart from the music. To top it all they are the equal length ear cords from your neck so hang straight down and don't annoy like some. They have an anti-tangle flat and durable cord and gold connector. For the money these are awsome phones for your tunes. You could pay more sure but why bother?