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  1.  Average film from a superb franchise


    Growing up with Cameron's sublime T1 and T2. Give it a few years and McG (of Charlie's Angels) takes the reigns of the psychopathic cyborg, this time with technology, a future setting, Christian Baleand T3's woeful display. This is certainly a formula for success. While the plot was 'believable' enough, it felt nothing more than a parody to the original films.
    Catchphrases such as 'I'll be back' sprouting from the mouth of a young Kyle Reese.
    McG built a fantastical future that Cameron had depicted in the previous films, but predictability reeked through the pores of this film. Leaving fans of the Terminator series disheartened by a great combination failing to produce.

  2.  Jack and Tony are back!


    What a fantastic season this 24 had to offer. It had the usual; thrills, great casting, action, good casting, fantastic script and dialogue. We've seen 24 take us down the rabbit hole in terms of conspiracy and it has led to many twists and turns. One of 24s trademarks is the 'mole' and the writers are well aware and throw red herrings to you in terms of the cast and script to keep you guessing.
    24 has matured. CTU has been disbanded, Bauer has charges brought up against him for the work he did within CTU. The FBI are the main line against terrorist threat unfortunately for the Americans they protect the country with protocols and legislation.
    The fact that this season was nominated for 11 Emmys speaks of the freshness that the 24 can bring. Sutherland is as always fully committed to his role as Bauer is fantastic, an emotionless shell now to what we once knew. President Taylor - another nominee - is a fantastic addition, a strong rational President, which we can connect with much like David Palmer.
    After a fantastic s
    The reinsertion of Tony Almedia into 24, initially far fetched was a fantastic decision.
    Season 6 was a great season but for different ways, it focused towards relations and a great script, which sacrificed some the action - however Fayed and Biereko finales were incredible - which I found disheartening.
    Season 7 is not like that. It has very strong characters, collated with strong scenes coated in thick layers of action.
    If you are a new to 24, then you are in for a treat. If you are not new to Bauer, then you are in for a treat.
    Pre-order it today.

  3.  Two's company


    Played Army of Two for the first time yesterday, I bought it with my friend, so we could get some co-op action going. First when it started up we were introduced with a complex of menus, before moving into the training environment, which I found a bit tedious, and as we progressed in the game pretty useless, we came across things that we had to figure out as we progressed (by using the six-axis). You have a GPS system, which tells you where to go, but the map are not unique, and there are no exciting landmarks if you do get lost. The graphics for the cutscenes are fantastic, but the game graphics not as spectacular. The AGGRO system, is a great idea, and if you use it well it does feel and look pretty good. The controls are not that inuitive, within the game there is no difference between the two characters, they have no signature moves, and when you interact with one another they do the same things.
    The story line is given in-game, so you miss out on half of it preferring to kill people, that layered with the over relying of your partner so you can both interact simultaneously with the sceneary before you can progress.
    The AI for the game is average, you do see the enemy do stupid things like running away from a gun fight, I have yet to see the AI for your partner in one-player, I personally would not hold my breath.
    That said, I am comparing it to COD4 or even Rainbow 6, this is a different game, and the two player co-op action, will keep you hooked for a short time. The question you have to ask is, is this worth £40, unfortunately I fail to agree, there is not enough to keep you coming back. This will be a game, that you'll probably complete then sell straight away.

  4.  Incredible, Insane and Inate


    What is going on with Elder Scrolls?!? I've been playing the game for a good eight hours, and I have yet to touch on the world of Oblivion. It is an incredible game with so far hundreds of characters and side quests. It does remind me of Deus Ex, in the sense that you can build on your character's attributes, such as sneaking, lockpicking, swordplay. The visuals, sound, playability is incredible, you can spend hours in a city, just talking to the inhabitants doing little side quests or you can go for the story, which I have yet to attempt. The game is huge, I read somewhere that it would take a good two hours to walk from one side of the map to the other (unless you steal a horse of course). If you like RPGs you will love this, after playing and completing Final Fantasy XII, Oblivion is on another level. Go out and buy it today!!!

  5.  Exciting but expect more!!!


    Darkness is an exciting concept, after downloading a demo from the Playstation Store, I was blown away by the detail of graphics. I was instantly immersed, it is very gory with the ability to eat people's hearts being a side goal, but that was one of the things that attracted me. It is a reasonably easy game, addictive except when you are moving from one destination to another and have to pass through other places to get there, do you become rather frustrated at the loading times.
    The storyline is strong and refreshing although your main nemesis does evade you on numerous occasions, it can become a bit tedious, it does follow a non-linear route.
    I have yet to play Online, although it does look like there are a few options available, it would not let me connect.
    Considering it is out on XBOX as well, does nothing to support the PS3 vs XBOX war, the graphics and gameplay are virtually identical (both are fantastic). We all know the PS3 is the far superior of the two, so if you want to see something special save your money and wait until you see something solely made for PS3 like Devil May Cry 4.