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  1.  Very good Budget TV


    Very good TV for the price. fast delivery, in just 2 days of placing the order. When it arrived I was very impressed, very slim and lighweight design. The TV comes with a stand that allow the screen to be swiveled safely, this is perfect for access to the inputs at the rear. I boasts 3 HDMI inputs, 2 SCART, Composite, Component, USB and even a card reader to allow a wide varity of media. One issue I did initally have was the sound seemed to have a buzzing effect. But when I took the TV out of the "ecohome" screen mode the buzzing went. Bar that, it's a fantastic item and I think I've ot a cracking deal.

  2.  One of the best films produced in the last 5 years


    This truely blew me away, not for one moment did I expect to see Liam Neeson kick arse in such an impressive way.

    The film is all about Neeson, a retired special forces agent of some sort, who's trying to get to know and build a bond with his teenage daughter. In a bid to prove that he does trust her and build some sort of respect he allows her to go to Europe with a friend for the summer, despite his better judgement. Within hours of landing she has been kidknapped by people traffickers and Neeson is on his way to get her back.

    This film builds on the fine work produced by the likes of the Bourne Trilogy and Casino Royale, mixing lots of fast paced, well worked fight scenes with strong story building. The action comes thick and fast, but always just about realistic side. Great locations and some fantastic work behind the lense...

  3.  Funny, Smart and Dark


    I'm a big fan of Chris Morris and much of his work, athough have to admit not so much of his recent stuff. Although this is laced with satire and social comedy this isn't in the same vein asThe Day Today or Brass Eye.

    The main charatcher Omar, is excellently played by Riz Ahmed, he acts as both the beliveable portral of a modern young muslim with radical views and the straight man to many of the films more obvious comedy moments. I like the fact that the film rotates around him and his family, who dispite his views, are not a strict muslim family. He uses the likes of Disney to explain he's views to his son and a childs Puffin related chat website to discuss the groups plans. Almost oblivious to the fact that without western culture, these things and his lifestyle would not be available to him.

    In addition you have the nicely unsubtle digs at the British police force with them monitoring the least capable member of the team and his exploding crows. And their ability to arrest and shoot completely the wrong people! Overal the film is very sharp, despite how ludicrous some of the set ups are, it is slowly paced, but I think this works well with its subject matter. Overal very good, but not quite excellent, thus only 4 stars

    Maybe a few extra Jogsquats would have got it to 5 star

  4.  Not the Best sequal, but not the worst


    I was hugely impressed with the first Iron Man film, the mix of action, humour, quality sound and superb effects made it possibly the best superhero genre film out there. Sadly, as if often the case, this sequal doesn't live up to expectation.

    The film is entertaining, with once again some very impressive effects and sound (5.1 is outstanding here!), but the script and casting could have been better. The storyline is paper thin, with the lack of building new charatchers or adding dept to those already in place. Don Cheadle, despite being a fine actor is poorly cast in this and GP might as well not have bothered reading the script for Pepper Potts, as she much have to only deliver a dozen or so lines.

    Despit all this, it is still better than 75% of other films in the market and will provide you with some mindless entertainment, perfect for a Saturday night in or a lazy Sunday. I just hope that their saving some of the better work for Thor/Captain American and the Avengers film