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  1.  Worst Aliens Game.


    Poor graphics, poor AI, full of graphical glitches, basically an unfinished game... this might have been an acceptable release 6-8 years ago, but not now.

    I'm a huge fan of both the Aliens movie franchise and many of the previous games - AvP, alien trilogy etc. this isn't even as enjoyable as Alien3 on the Megadrive.

    Such a disappointment, Gear Box Software did a really good job of misleading customers with various promotional videos and screen shots before the release of this game! what we were promised was not the game that was delivered.

  2.  exactly what has been lacking in gaming lately...


    this game was a real breath of fresh air for me - it's awesome! Totally original and innovative - can't stop playing it, and can't wait to play it through again.

    i've been an avid PC gamer since the mid 90s - but of late i've found nearly all new PC releases to be generic bland copies of each other - with the same recurring themes/gameplay in each genre - the graphics get better but the gamplay is stale.

    Dishonored is non linear with mulitple ways to achieve your mission outcome. It's totally immersive, with great atmosphere, fantastic and original story line, great voice acting and some interesting weapons and tech tree style development. Graphics are the only thing that let it down slightly - but when its this playable and this atmospheric its really only a minor niggle. there's loads to discover, and i'm only half way through it but have already decided to complete it all over again when i'm finished - as different choices provide a different outcome at the end - depending on how you complete your mission, how many people you let live/kill...

    A game for fans of Arkham Asylum and the like...