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  1.  Terrible


    Good points,
    plenty of content
    some nice party options
    fun scenes...Star trek, hangover, tropic thunder etc
    can upload vids

    Bad points
    You won't want to upload vids because they look terrible
    You need a bloody lighting kit to actually get it right
    you don't appear as perfect as they do in the trailers for the game
    Sound is poor
    camera angles, or getting in position doesn't work well.
    Kinect interface is again terrible (hasn't anyone learn't anything from dance central?)
    tiresome after 20 minutes
    overpriced dlc
    does not use kinect to its best of it's ability
    will leave you wondering why you paid full price.

    Very unhappy with this game after i was actually looking forward to it, trailers make you think it's flawless but it isn't, considering kinect has such great tech i do not understand why it looks as bad as the eye toy, i blame this due to mulit platform release and lazy developers. It should have been better quality! very dissapointed.

  2.  Very very very! Good Price


    This is awesome, if you love long games you will probably clock in over 100hours with this and for 18quid thats pretty good yes? well this is the best part, currently on market place, the main expansion for Dragon age is 2400 points, thats more than the game on here, not to mention you are getting all the DLC!! which is around 40 to 50 pound and a great game in itself! it's money well worth spent on this product, the chracters are wonderful, and gameplay is addictive. 100s of quests, 1000s of items, 10000s of enemys, its great fun!

    So if your looking for a incredible adventure, for 18pound you cannot go wrong!!